Vets find out the cause of mass death of calves in Khakassia

Experts find out the cause of death of 91 calves in one of the breeding centers of Khakassia after handling animals from parasites, said the deputy head of the State Veterinary Inspectorate Khakassia Vladimir Vasiliev.

Calves first year of life died in breeding plant "Borodino" Bograd Khakassia region on June 18, earlier in the day, the animals were treated with medication for parasites, which is commonly used in veterinary medicine. In a herd of young calves was 180.

"In the pathological material, selected for the study, actually observed phosphorus-organic compounds. These substances can result in death, but as long as the direct connection of animal deaths and the presence of these compounds has been established. Answer we give only after the investigation," — said Vasilyev.

He noted that the first results of the study exclude any infectious diseases in calves, including anthrax. According to Vasilyev, a drug that treated animals against parasites, often used without any consequences. Gosvetinspektsii representative reported that the dead animals are buried in accordance with all the requirements of the health legislation.

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