Volcanic activity in the period from 2 to 8 May 2012

During this period of seismic events occurred in 13 volcanoes, signs of a new volcanic activity appeared in five volcanoes:
BATU-TARA (784 m, about. Komba, Indonesia, 7.792 ° S, 123.579 ° E)
May 2-4, over the volcano rising ash column height of 2.4 km, then the ash drifted 37 km in the north-west. Batu Tara lies north of the main volcanic arc of Indonesia and 50 m is covered with vegetation. The basis of his breed are basanitic tefritovye and blotches. The first recorded eruption with lava flows relate to 1847-52 years.
CLEVELAND (1730 m, about. Chuginadak, Alaska, 52,825 ° N, 169,944 ° W)
May 4 lava dome had cracked, but was a minor eruption and seismic network did not fix it. Then formed a new, fifth lava dome, if you take the last eruptive episode, which began July 11, 2011. Were later confirmed by two small eruptions, the ash was hidden behind the clouds.
Pago (742 m, New Britain, Papua New Guinea, 5.58 ° S, 150.52 ° E)
Ash and steam rose above Pago at 13.7 km altitude, the wind carried it by 75 km north-east. Pago is a young post-caldera formation in kalderovym Vitor 5.5 x7, 5 km. The volcano appeared less than 350 years ago and in that time has surpassed the height edge of the caldera, filled with lava from eruptions Pago, the last of which occurred in the 20th century.
Popocatepetl (5426 m, Mexico, 19,023 ° N, 98,622 ° W)
2.3 May significantly increased activity of the volcano. Above it form a permanent thick cloud of gas and ash height of 1.5 km and above. Report the ash settling in communities around the Popocatepetl in a radius of 35 km, and even in Mexico City (70 km north-west). Internal forces splashed molten volcanic rock at 800 meters from the crater. 5-6 May ash settling area narrowed down to 25 km, the hot emissions applies only to 500 meters around. Danger code volcano remains "yellow."
Seven (3676 m, east of. Java, Indonesia, 8.108 ° S, 112.92 ° E)
In April, has grown lava dome. But on 2 May danger level was reduced to the level of 2 (on a scale of 1 to 4). Local residents should not approach the crater of the volcano more than distance of 4 km.
Symmetrical volcano Semeru is the highest on the island. Java and all but the most active. It always happened eruptive episodes since 1967. they were accompanied by a release of the contents of the lava dome, that pyroclastic flows, destroying the village at the foot of the seven. Thus, lahars 14 May 1981 caused more than 250 deaths and destroyed 16 villages.
Volcanoes of the continuing activity:
DUKONO (1335 m, about. Halmahera, Indonesia, 1.68 ° N, 127.88 ° E)
8-9 May ash above the volcano rose to 3 km, the wind, goes to the south-east at 75 km. The activity of the volcano with the vertex set to gather some information, as it is removed from civilization. Aware of more or less constant activity since 1933. Even during the eruption in 1550, lava flows filled the strait between about. Halmahera and Gunung mother.
KARYMSKY (1536 m, East Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia, 54,05 ° N, 159,45 ° E)
April 27 — May 4 at the volcano was observed moderate activity with clouds of ash up to 2.3 km in height. May 2-3 at the volcano was detected thermal anomaly. Aviation Hazard Code is "orange."
Kilauea (1222 m, Hawaii, USA, 19,421 ° N, 155,287 ° W)
May 2-8 level of the lava lake in the crater Halema-mind-have periodically raised and lowered. From this valve continues to flow spray ash hot rock. There has been a glow warmed rocks. May 4 lava flows is 1.1 km from the coast, which is the closest distance for the last month. Lava continued to flow out of the cones during the specified period.
Nevado del Ruiz (5321 m, Colombia, 4,895 ° N, 75,322 ° W)
May 1-2, from the crater of a volcano rising clouds of steam and sulfur dioxide. Seismic activity continued to subside. May 3 code of danger has been downgraded to "yellow."
Sakurajima (1117 m, about. Kyushu, Japan, 31.585 ° N, 130.657 ° E)
For the period from 1 to 7 May at Showa crater There were 17 explosive episodes, accompanied by emissions of ash to a height of 1.3 km. Small eruptions "pleased" Minami-dake crater. According to the pilots, May 7, ash column reached a height of 2.4 km.
SHIVELUCH (3283 m, the center of the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia, 56.653 ° N, 161.360 ° E)
Shiveluch continued to be active from April 27 to May 4. A powerful stream of lava continued to pour out of the crater, formed in 2010. Active volcanic fumaroles. May 1 ash cloud rose to a height of 5.4 km and the wind was referred to a distance of 270 km to the northeast. There was a weak thermal anomaly of the lava dome.
Soufriere Hills (915 m, about. Montserrat, Caribbean, 16,72 ° N, 62,18 ° W)
May 5 due to the good weather, the volcano to the naked eye clearly seen glow red-hot areas, first detected another 11 November 2011. basically, it was a fumarole Soufriere Hills. On a scale of risk is on the 2nd level.
Tungurahua (5023 m, Ecuador, 1,467 ° S, 78,442 ° W)
May 2 Baños explosions were heard sostorony hidden under the clouds of the volcano. The next day at Pillate 7 km west of Tungurahua fallen ash. . May 4 steam rose above the crater and a new portion of the ashes. May 6 was recorded new piece of explosions. Houses and pastures Pillate Bilbao and were completely covered with ash.

Source: ecowars.tv

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