Volcanic hazard

Scientists are concerned — if it happens, the world will come to a climate catastrophe. In the geological past of the Earth these events occurred more than once. The eruption of the Toba volcano in Sumatra nearly destroyed the entire human race is more than 70 thousand years ago.

Uturunku the eruption, at least, can be worse than the eruption of an Icelandic volcano in 2010. Optimists claim: nothing bad will happen.

The main question of the program: a volcanic eruption threatens global catastrophe?

Guests: Senior Researcher, Institute of Earth Physics Artut Saltykov, a political adviser Anatoly Wasserman, broadcaster Tim Bazhenov, leading researcher of the Geography Department of Moscow State University Valery Fyodorov, a documentary filmmaker Oleg Aliev, professor, a nuclear physicist Andrei Ozharovsky, columnist for the magazine "In the world of science "Valery Chumakov

Teleconference: Armenia, Yerevan

Head of the Laboratory of Volcanology, candidate of geological sciences Khachatur Meliksetyan

Photo: http://dniester.ru

Source: mirtv.ru.

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