Volcano asleep ash two countries

The eruption of the volcano in southern Chile led to a paralysis of ground and air traffic in the country. Roads and houses covered with a thick layer of ash and flights have to be canceled even in the capital of neighboring Argentina, Buenos Aires.

The eruption Puyeue, 800 miles south of the capital of Chile, Santiago, in the trap were hundreds of cars and trucks. Clearing the road from the ashes have with bulldozers and snowplows. In many localities in Chile and Argentina, people have to wash their houses from volcanic sediments. In some areas in the south of Argentina closed schools and government offices, canceled non-urgent surgery.

Seriously affected by the eruption of border Argentine city of San Carlos de Bariloche. Ashes thick covered slopes of ski resorts that two weeks should have been open to tourists.

In addition, the eruption could trigger output of rivers from the coast: the ashes into the water, into a viscous substance and clogs the channel.

The authorities in Argentina and Chile were forced to cancel dozens of flights because of the threat getting ash into aircraft engines. Partially suspended flights main carriers of the two countries — Aerolineas Argentinas and LAN Air Lines,
and six foreign airlines. Closed two international airports in Buenos Aires. Later it became known resumes flights. In particular, joined the main airport of the Argentine capital, "Ministro Pistarini".

Meanwhile, on the web there are all new photos
eruptions that shake their beauty. The picture shows dozens of giant lightning, huge pillars of flame and smoke that rise up into the air for tens of kilometers and cover the sun, plunging the neighborhood into darkness.

Recall, the volcano, part of the mountain range Kauye Cordon, woke up on Saturday after a series of 240 aftershocks. Authorities evacuated nearly three thousand people — the population of 22 located near the volcano villages.

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Chile, through which the Pacific "fire zone", a fairly common phenomenon. In February 2010, 115 km to the north of the city of Concepcion was a strong earthquake of magnitude 8.8. It caused a tsunami three meters high.

Disaster victims were 800 people, another 1.2 thousand disappeared, been destroyed or damaged 1.5 million homes.

Puyehue Volcano erupts in Chile http://www.ctv.ca/gallery/html/chile-volcano-skies-20110607/index_.html

Source: utro.ru.

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