Volcano erupts in Chile: 3500 people will be evacuated

In Chile, the eruption of the volcano Puyeue evacuated several thousand people.

The volcano, located about 900 kilometers south of Santiago, "woke up" for the first time since 1960 and threw a cloud of ash to a height of 10 kilometers.

Ashes buried in the streets of the nearby Argentine resort city of San Carlos de Bariloche.

3500 the Chilean government is preparing to evacuate due to the eruption of the volcano Puyeue the south. Information was confirmed by Director of accidents south region of the country Jaime Valdenegro.

According to Interior Minister Rodrigo Inspetera, such steps are prudent measures aimed at avoiding risks.

"You can not disturb the population", — quotes Inspetera radio "Mayak".

The Government of Chile has decided to evacuate residents of areas within 900 kilometers south of the capital of Chile, Los Lagos, Rio Bueno, Futrono and Lago Ranco, and people in the region of Los Rios. Authorities announced in volcanic peak — "red" — the level of threat.

There will also be temporarily closed Cardenal Zamora checkpoint on the border with Argentina to evacuate staff working there. Those who wish to move to Argentina, the government recommends the use of CAT, located further north.

Source: http://www.fontanka.ru/2011/06/05/017/

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