Warming in the Arctic cold winters mean for other areas

The observed warming in the Arctic cold winters mean for other areas of the Earth. This statement was made today before journalists in Moscow the head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov, talking about the results of the first expedition of the Russian Arctic floating university.

Details of the expedition and other climatic studies show, in particular, that the speed of the circulation of water in the polar region has increased since the first studies of the Amundsen and a half to two times. According to Frolov, this means that the ice of the polar region shall be made, not only melts, and also shows the non-random nature of the warming in the Arctic. In addition, it was found to increase the presence in the Gulf Stream, the New Earth. However, the expert warned against jumping to conclusions, calling wait for the processing of all the information collected on the expedition.

Floating University project was a collaborative effort between Roshydromet, the Russian Geographical Society and the North / Arctic / Federal University / Safa /. Adopted last year, he will combine scientific expeditions professionals and learning and teaching practice students. The base of the vessel for the job is owned by Roshydromet research ship "Professor Molchanov". The first expeditions were conducted environmental, hydrographic, glaciology, climate and other studies — only nine blocks, said research leader of the expedition, Vice Chancellor Konstantin Bogolitsin Safa.

Source: the-day-x.ru

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