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Krupskaya 20.06.11.V village near Tver nearly was another environmental disaster, a catastrophe.

Sewer overflow, and sewage spilled on the field, then to the creek bortnikovsky and the Volga. Fish began to die.

On Saturday, June 18, was taken to the emergency room of 70 tons of waste. Residents reported about the incident in the Tver inter-district environmental prosecutor's office on June 17, Friday. But how long mud flowed and the damage caused is yet to be set.

As the correspondent of TIA Tver interregional environmental prosecutor Murat Aykerekov, June 17, the prosecutor's office received information from local residents that overflowed sewer and waste water poured on the field, in the creek, and then go into the Volga. Residents also found that fish died in the creek. When we reached the experts confirmed the two facts, which told the residents.

Sewage pumping station is located on the road leading to the industrial zone Borovlevo-2. CND here to go tubing with industrial effluents from industrial zones Borovlevo Borovlevo-1 and-2. Mud flows, but the pumping station, as it turns out, is not connected to power, so it is not pumping sewage treatment plant water canal. Thus, when the reservoir overflowed, the entire contents of a flooded creek on the field, and then into the river.

When this happens, it is not known yet, according to residents — three weeks ago. June 17 they called the prosecutor's office, so they understood that no one is not going to fix what is happening.

— On Friday, we were told, on Saturday and Sunday to pump sewage. At the request of the prosecutor's office was removed 70 tons of waste. Mass death of fish were found. However, being tested, will be given a legal assessment, the damage caused to the environment, the perpetrators will be brought to justice — said Murat Aykerekov.

Today, June 20, pumping sewage continues. Came into place regulatory authorities, as well as owners of networks — the company "WSC-T". Specialists' Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Tver region "take samples of water and soil to determine how harmful effluents were and what the costs of these environments.


Source: TverNews

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