We cure, or carefully all-powerful mages




At last the time has come when our blessed country began to realize that there are real, lasting values that need to store, protect and pass on from generation to generation — the family, for example. Note that even in the advertising we see happy families, healthy children, happy and loving couple. As they say, a trifle, but nice. Then there was also a TV show "My Family", and mayonnaise and ketchup, and a newspaper. Artistic and educational advantages of the program Valery Komissarov, I will not remember, but I have to admit that the brand managed to unleash him.

Here in front of me the newspaper, "My family." On its pages everyday people share their stories, looking for mates and, of course, escape from problems. On the last and I want to stop. At number 8 March I counted eleven well very specific ads. All of them are from people, quite frankly, extraordinary. They are simply inhuman abilities: they correct karma, giving way omens, returned to their husbands, eliminate rivals, remove the evil eye, damage, family curse, the crown of celibacy, etc. And spend the "golden ceremony on the attraction of money and success in business", "complete coverage of the sexual chakra (not on the other women)" — sorry, so in the text, put "absolute protection against any kind of impact," "100% — ing mirroring "," life-long protection golden dome "give" personal code for luck "and many others know and can do. In a word, just some uniques.

That's why these people are amazing, as evidenced by advertising in various academies with
high-sounding titles — I will not bore the reader transfer, except to say that all the names of the phrases clairvoyance, high-level magic, goals-ment, parapsychology. And our work tirelessly magicians — the competition is big. Hence, in the ads lots of exclamation marks: "Time wasted!" "Very powerful lapel of her rival, the strongest quarreled, ceremonies on indifference or aversion to his mistress!"

Here is a picture of well-fed young man. Banal appearance, bulbous nose. But the master alignment "curved lines of life", endowed with hereditary magical gift, "the sorcerer by right of blood" in the literal sense of the word does not spare his belly for us poor. Because of his special power is concentrated blood, he impregnates her (his blood!) Each made his own mascot, which enhances its properties once. Do you think that I have cockroaches in my head wound up? Honestly, no. The ad is written. I wonder: if you're so powerful, why are you such a freak, then? Have worked on yourself, be ennobled his appearance at least.

But not to the magician himself. His soul is directed toward people concerned about their well-being and prosperity. And the fact that the pages of the newspapers are full of promotional materials competitors. Because in the struggle for the client, that is for you and me, each dedicated to a master of magic and solemnly assures that only he can fix and help colleagues "where there is no help others!"

Each ad is marked melenkimi strochechkoy such that there is a certificate of registration; indicated his room, there are numbers of licenses. Who's their record? And the government of Moscow. In one text it is written: "The work permit issued by the Government of Moscow." Yes, all the bureaucrats there are healthy? Well, do not hesitate. Their magicians and seers "cured" because they own "proven and powerful conspiracy by big money!" And yet they hold extraordinary power of influence: "We have the power to help, see for yourself!"

Their strength — in our weakness. It is clear that all these words of footy can get caught only those who are in difficult circumstances, has lost confidence, strength of character, mentally depressed and despondent. In desperation, the person is ready to pay all the money charlatan. Sometimes he is not able to analyze the situation and decide on their actions. That's where his bare hands and take the all-powerful wizards and sorcerers. But they do so not out of good intentions, and for a lot of money. Their wonderful services cost from 500 rubles to … The upper limit can be defined like this: how much will be able to unleash the client. Here it is due to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

I would venture to assure you that all the promises of the all-powerful sorcerers impracticable. But for the money you get and the real thing: hear a seductively sweet and attentive, girlish voice, and make sure that you are sorry, burdock. Life is so arranged that, fortunately, the failures are replaced by bright bands, and it all depends on the person. So whether or not to rely on the wizards instead to pull himself together, to mobilize their forces and the will? And then again you are calm and happy.

Author: Ludmila Ivanova


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