We find a new reason for the melting of Antarctic ice

Each year a massive Antarctic ice sheet is reduced by 2.7 meters. Until recently, scientists had only guesses, what is the true cause of this rapid "weight loss", and what is the number of possible causes. The question arises of how the anthropogenic climate change and global warming affect the status of stocks of Antarctic ice.

After the necessary studies have shown that climate change in the direction of warming has only an indirect effect on the waves of all the environmental process of thawing. Examination of the data on twenty separate areas of ice found that one warm air could accelerate as the disappearance of the ice. These effects are more leads poteplevshaya sea water, destroying the ice underneath. The influx of warm water to the coast of Antarctica have led to changes in the direction of air flow, triggered by a general increase in the atmospheric temperature and the increase in the ozone hole, as well as some natural laws.
Actively melting the ice, warm water becomes operational link in the process of raising the sea level. When icebergs at the edge of Antarctica to the extent of melting thinner, to their place of melted with more advanced regions of the continent slides new piece of ice and snow, and under the influence of warm water is also beginning to melt. Sea levels are rising again, and much faster than would occur under the influence of only warm air.
Scientists say that if suddenly the whole zapadnoantarktichesky ice cap melts, the water on the planet will rise by 5 meters. Despite the fact that the process can run into tens or hundreds of years, the people of Earth should think over the situation and take action today.

Source: ecowars.tv.

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