Weightlessness Ukrainian independence

Weightlessness Ukrainian independenceHard to be clever when there are no new jokes and the reasons for their writings. Everything is old. Year after year we hear the same songs about Europe, gas, Russian Federation, Russian language and God knows what, sore and bored once. Everything is new — it is well-known An old ad nauseam. Feeling as if you muryzhat 20 years in the first grade. Bu-bu-bu …

You can resent, being dissatisfied with the current policy Ukraine, or on the contrary, to indulge in optimism and plans for a bright future, but the situation is such that a calm expectation of their own fate — the best that can allow ourselves to people Ukraine. Without the help of others to solve their problems Ukraine can not, because the solution of humanitarian problems for either geopolitical choice in that or other side followed by an even greater division in the society. Clear and specific geopolitical choice, in turn, is associated specifically with the economy, gas prices, access to external markets, the monetary support of international organizations, which deprived the authorities can not, because this will be followed real "food riots". Ukrainian government is not in a position to make their obligations without outside help.

We are doomed to have two views, two positions are vane spinning in different directions in search of external support and stay in place. We need the money, the state thought, skilled management team, a healthy society and a lot of what does not exist and is not about to appear. In the Ukrainian domestic dispute on themes of history or language may not seem true, since for each of the parties is their own. Even if we imagine that one of the forces will be solved exactly solve the humanitarian problems, we can not hesitate, it will lose the support of the voter and do not receive a "controlling power" in the subsequent "elective hand." Ukraine is a Closed Joint Stock Company, where no one can be a controlling interest in the lopsided decision acceptable to all, and is the right decision — is the lack of any decisions, ambiguity and outright lies.

The main objective though is which party is to retain power. It is necessary to incriminate Yanukovych that he, puffing his cheeks, is frank and mutually exclusive nonsense? He is a politician who wants to keep not only their own position, his fortune, and freedom itself, which he would lose if the rise to power of another political force. For this reason, go to the second plan for all pre-election promises. So Makarov, in a vague position as the current government is reasonable and justified. Yanukovych will be put off until the last decision on Ukraine's geopolitical choice, and if they accept it, then under the influence of external events. The best ending for him would destabilize the situation in Europe and the collapse of the Euro, which will allow to complete all sorts of discussions about European integration because of the impossibility of it in principle.

Ukraine not only passively waiting for their own fate. Waiting, but for a different reason China, Germany, France, Italy, England, Russia … They anticipate the moment when the unipolar world will fall, and then each actor in world politics can get your own prize. Maybe everyone on earth would like to keep that situation in which we are now. Without peace, and without a major war, in anticipation of the crisis, but delaying his coming indefinitely. But freeze the situation is unreal, and very soon the unipolar world will fall.

History is written by the favorites. America seems to be tried, will not be able to emerge victorious from another reformatting the world. In any case, it will have to sacrifice something to share with a new ally to the detriment of the former. The role of Britain, Italy, France, in anger against Libya is not just a "struggle against the Gaddafi regime", a payment for future contracts for the company, in fact, a war for the new colonial possessions of the current space for new Aryans. Gulf States is the fee for leniency to their authoritarian regimes of the states of the West. The world is clearly shared by predators and their victims, those who will carve on the patties in the first, but someone in the second turn. It is not necessary to think that predators can not fight together, but there are several other rules of combat.

Ukraine is a country of the victim. Decide its fate will be others. What will happen to Ukraine, is dependent on Washington, Brussels, Berlin, Rome, Paris and Moscow. How annoying would it sounds, but the section of Ukraine is becoming increasingly possible scenario of the future, for all that she Ukrainian authorities did everything to make her world in this respect no one asked. Ukraine declared a long time, which is typical of a bridge between Europe and Russia, but over the years of independence, the bridge itself is rotten, and fix it for the sake of local oligarchs, no one is going. The present policy of Kiev in the full 20 years was reduced to irrepressible imagination, verbal diarrhea of a bright future. Especially since the Ukraine with his own hands "split" themselves into regional pieces, where any part is almost done its own civilizational choice in favor of Europe or Russia. The question is not where the "waiting" for Ukrainians, and that to live together, they can not.

Speaking about the likely disintegration of Ukraine, anticipating the comments of several other comrades, let's see the possibility of the collapse of Russian Federation. (Earlier, I touched on this subject. Refer Several legends of modern Russia. Gaze from the Ukraine). Of course, as in the case of Libya, the main enthusiasm for wanting to represent the collapse of the Russian Federation minerals. Europe, China, the land of the rising sun, the United States needs oil and gas. But behind this natural desire to appear completely reasonable question, as will share the untold riches Russian among themselves, these countries? All you can imagine, a color revolution in the Kremlin, the transfer of "nuclear briefcase" in the NATO headquarters, but will be "cut" of the Russian Federation? Leading members of the EU naturally want to get unsupervised access to Russian oil and gas, but even more so wishes China, already being a major geopolitical and economic rival to the entire European civilization, including America. Can Europe afford a disproportionate rise of China through unlimited access to mineral resources of Siberia and the Far East, because Beijing will not flegmantichno look at the crumbling Russian. In addition, there is a conflict of interests between China, Japan, South Korea, which just hunt to obtain raw materials, making at least some violation of the existing "status quo" impossible. Nobody needs powerful our homeland, but an even bigger nightmare may cause our native land, broken up into pieces. But increasingly we are concerned not fancy the collapse of the Russian Federation and the Ukrainian reality, in other words, dead end, in which the country finds itself.

In any conversation about Ukraine we slip to the questions of its history. And where is the history of Ukraine, there looms the history of Poland. Let's try to remember the history of the Partitions of Poland, which you can calculate the four "pieces". Three in the 18th century and one in the 20th century. As a result of all these sections Ukrainian land retreated to the Russian Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, obviously, along with the so-referred to as the U
krainians. Certainly, all the partitions of Poland Poles are now perceived as a national tragedy, but in the past, if you look at the actual event, it was a little different. Poland was separated as a dessert with a limited shelf life. Surrounding it on all sides of the Empire gathered together, and among themselves perceived the decision to divide the once-powerful country. In fact it looked at the Poles? Yes way. No "great Russian soldiers" of the Poles was not, at first, nor the second, nor the 3rd section so small rebellions something discontented nobles.

History seems mocks the Poles, but does not teach them anything. Read the encyclopedia: "France and the UK, where the Confederates had hoped, have been left behind and have already expressed their position after the fact, after the partition took place." About what age is about and what kind of account the partition of Poland? So the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact has long-standing historical tradition, as well as the hopes of the Poles on foreign aid. Here is a glorious and heroic history Poland. Then, she received their land is not as won victories in battle, and eventually the collapse of the empire. Polish independence gave rise to international intrigue, someone's geopolitical interests, not the elites and the people.

The parallels are imposed on themselves. Ukrainians can continuously talk about their own centennial struggle for independence, but it is difficult to give specific examples. You can take it on faith that the Ukrainians are, but can not be found in the history of at least one example, when they are without the help of others to make decisions about the development of their own country. And the Ukrainian land in one piece not going to Ukrainian separatists and Russian emperors and the Russian general secretary.

Certainly, none of today's neighbors did not officially claim to Ukrainian land, but outside any hesitation Galicia Poland considers its own territory, Hungary did not mind getting a piece of the Carpathians, Romania — Bucovina, Our homeland absorb — Crimea and whole south-eastern region. All our neighbors they say about the independent Ukraine, as a fait accompli, are sending congratulatory messages with warm wishes on the occasion of the 20 anniversary, but in the mass consciousness of the peoples living adjacent the idea that a large part of the Ukraine — not hers by right. Question of time and events that do not add up for themselves by themselves, and the pre-determined course of the historical process, to power in neighboring countries came to the people who openly utter all that while sleeping in the mass consciousness of their people.

Now do svidomye nezalezhniki at all Ivanovo call on the European Ukrainians. Only the true meaning of these discussions means not "European" of the Ukrainian people, and "Polishness", in the form in which it was during the period of the Commonwealth. In other words, okatolichennaya elite and powerless slaves. But as the prospect of our high-evrointegratorov no scares, and the population itself has long been pining for Pan, partly rightly that it is better to live under Polish Pan than under Ukrainian impudent.

If we assume the hypothetical possibility of Ukraine's entry into Europe, in any form, then, in my opinion, satisfaction with the meeting of Ukrainians to European values is rapidly replaced by despondency. It's one thing to be "European" at a party, as a waiter, and another thing to enter Europe vsepolnotsennym member and … end up as the same waiter. Just all the best places in the EU has long been owned by old-timers: the British, Germans, French, Italians, Spaniards, Belgians. Who are in a common family of European nations Bulgarians, Romanians, Poles? The answer is very clear. Second-class citizens members of the EU. And these people are second-class citizens seem third-rate number of Ukrainians are ready to do even more stained and low-paying jobs. This, of course, but not for the Ukrainians.

WestUkrainian separatism is fully could be the hallmark of the region. Caught up in the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the borders of Poland, Galicia separatists devoted their destructive energy against their newest country. In fact they have acted in the interests of Germany. After the second world warriors Galicians once famed for his separatism, and in some measure contribute to the collapse of the Soviet Union. It would seem desirable independence has already been obtained in 1991, but the Galicians unhappy again? Why do they once again destabilize the situation in their own homeland latest? They do not like the Muscovites, Little Russians, skhidnyaki, the Russian language, Russian culture, Sevastopol, Crimea, Donbass, Regionals, Communists and all apart from Bandera, Shukhevych and chants "Glory to Heroes." Once all this is their "do not like" always ends with the collapse of the country. Do you think that they may rest in Europe? If someone wants to destroy the European Union, the best strength to do this than Ukrainian nationalists did not find.

Who are the Ukrainians? They are Russian or not Russian? Europeans or Asians? In the Russian Empire, the inhabitants of Little Russia Russian thought, and so were all the bases. In the USSR, they were considered fellow Ukrainians, which introduced confusion in the unenlightened minds, because all Russian history was saturated with thoughts about the oppression of Ukrainians unfortunate royal regime, Moscow that Russian equivalent. Now, stories about old times brotherly Ukrainian people have lost their relevance. If the relationship between Ukraine and Russia have at least some common ground, and the brotherhood or sisterhood you can bet that between Russia and Galicia in general have nothing in common, except for the train Lviv to Moscow for the passage of guest workers. In general, as shown by recent history, there is nothing to do and between Galicia and the rest of Ukraine. The Ukrainians were even the least whole civilization than Russian people either now available Russians.

Ukrainians believe Russia — Empire? Awaiting its collapse, but did not even want to think that Ukraine — it is also the Empire, with all their history and development of every cell of the body of its own public. Yes, Ukrainian Empire sounds funny. But as such in fact it is not. In Ukraine, there is no title and titular peoples, have the most different races suburbs having their own look at the history of their development and belonging to an entirely different cultures. This is not a joke, but many of the inhabitants of the Crimea to seriously consider themselves to be occupied by the Ukrainians. With all this, the policy of the central government gives to prove permanent.

Absurd to think that just learning the language, you can be reincarnated as a Ukrainian, Ukrainian civilization to make the order or appeal to the people of the new year. Does not come out exactly like the Europeans did not work reincarnate Arabs and Turks during the French and the Germans. With all of this in, there were still more likely to achieve this, with their centuries nurtures the elite, history, the highest imperial culture, science and financial abilities. And after all that Ukrainians have not, in principle!

As it happens, ranked Empire and abandoned building was received in its use of one hundred percent of the ignorant people in the municipal building. All that they were capable of, it's to take place, "government officials" to simulate the external form of the elite, but without the internal content, to reincarnate in a parody of the Ukraine government. Ukrainian elite — sounds went as elite finds the owner and patron, and is governed by its allies and geopolitical interests, and does not meet someone.

Ukrainian national idea is to develop a mono-ethnic country. But Ukraine — not a mono-ethnic, not
monocultural, and it can only keep spending compromise imperial policy that takes into account the interests of all the peoples inhabiting. But in the Ukrainian ideology can not do this. Ukrainians and statehood are incompatible in principle. The more the Ukraine will be Ukrainian, the smaller the Ukraine and want to save it as a single unit. Minute push from the outside can damage the project, as his time in Poland was destroyed. Today's authorities are reluctant to disintegration of the country, for obvious reasons, and to remove the danger they can not … Therefore, Ukraine is doomed to expect, so long as it will determine the future not the others, and, accepting, submit to their fate.

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