What awaits us in 2012?

In 2012, the projected increase in the risk of man-made disasters. Such problems will cause an increase in solar activity, according to the head of the Institute of Space Research dealing with Leo Green.

Ground waiting for man-made disasters. In 2012, the various man-made problems can and should wait, because the Sun's activity increases. Facts are known to all. In Canada, during solar flares have failed a lot of transformers. Despite the fact that the year 2012 will not be for some of our country is very difficult, it is still necessary to conduct monitoring, "- said Green.

The scientist said that if Russia and waiting minor shocks, yet more sun will impact on Canada and the United States. However, in 50-70, Russia may also be at risk. This applies to Siberia, where shift "geomagnetic cap" — said Green.

This summer, runs a special research station "Radiostron." It will help Russia to obtain data about the atmosphere between the sun and Earth. Due to this, as the scientist says, two hours before the outbreak will occur on the Sun, the satellite will fix it.

Magnetic storms that occurred in February — March, considered the worst in the last few years. Geomagnetic disturbances are causing the various radio devices. Therefore, some flares associated with the earthquake that occurred on March 11 in Japan.

Solar activity is tied to the 11-year cycle. The nearest peak of activity light comes on in 2013. Typically, solar flares and storms are accompanied by strong burst of electromagnetic radiation. Reaching the Earth, this radiation ionizes the atmosphere. In the future, these particles attack sensitive electronics and communications satellites, part of the output of these devices fail.

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