What determines the quality of the sperm?

What determines the quality of the sperm?  Photo from www.sciencephoto.com

A healthy man at each ejaculation is about three milliliters of semen emitted from 120 to 600 million sperm. But it is important not so much the number as quality. Sperm are very vulnerable. There are dozens of factors that can hurt them, well-known and completely unexpected.

Tobacco and alcohol. Most dramatically reduced sperm in men who smoke heavily and abusing alcohol. So choose: the happiness of fatherhood or cigarette after another glass.

Anabolic steroid, as well as antibiotics and antibacterial agents. These funds adversely affect the "male seed". Take them only under medical supervision.

Lack of vitamin C and zinc minerals. Adversely affect sperm motility. To offset the lack of such nutrients, stick to the menu of the future pope: Eat a day a couple of oranges, a dish of fresh or pickled cabbage, porridge, seafood, a piece of meat, a handful of walnuts.

Diseases, especially urogenital (prostatitis, chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease), childhood infections (rubella, mumps), was complicated, diabetes, viral hepatitis. Because of their "quality" sperm suffers considerably. To avoid the deplorable consequences, carefully follow the doctor's prescription.

Tight swimming trunks, tight jeans. The frequent cause of male infertility. In this case, boxers — a pledge of the full family happiness.

Frequent visits to the baths, saunas. Even a short-term heating of more than 39 degrees deadly for sperm. Do you want to become a father? Visit the steam room is not more 1-2 once a month.

Excessive zeal in sports. With reinforced training in the blood is reduced levels of the male sex hormone testosterone. Suppose that on the way to perfection of the body you do not change the sense of proportion. By the way, reducing the amount of sex hormones in the body — the basis of operation of modern male contraceptives that are particularly hard, are being implemented in China. They inhibit the formation of the "active" sperm almost completely. Such therapy is temporarily sterilize men — later 2-3 months after discontinuation of the drug restored normal sperm development.

Violation of cross-vas deferens. Barriers to sperm may be congenital narrowing of the area vas tract spike remaining after inflammation or infection, scarring from surgery, the cyst or tumor. Fortunately, many such violations doctors can help.

Some diseases of the immune system. If you have the body produces antibodies to their own cells in the testes, perceiving them as "outsiders." The bad news: severe autoimmune disorder is almost not treated. Good news: In a rare disease.

"Disentangle" infertility. It turned out that often "guilty" are chromosome sperm, and it is their form. Researchers at Buffalo (USA), under the direction of Dr. Laney Berkman found that many infertile men increased the number of sperm prematurely "disentangle" the DNA molecule (normal, as we know, DNA is a double helix, but at some point when the fertilized egg She begins to "unwind").

How to deal with a new form of male infertility is not yet clear. Dr. Berkman, for example, believes that the detection of such defects can help special treatment sperm antioxidants. Genetic male sterility form can now be diagnosed using antibodies specific to the mutated DNA molecules which serve as a sterility indicator.

Pesticides. Another important cause of male infertility, as reported by the French and Argentine scientists are pesticides — substances that are more than half a century, used in agriculture to control pests. In a study of 225 Argentines engaged in agriculture and infertility, it was found that all of them had frequent contact with pesticides. Argentina has not been chosen randomly place to study. This country is a world leader in the use of pesticides in agriculture.

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