Where are the most earthquakes?

If you would like to learn about where the world's most earthquake happens and why, you can look for a new card that bright green dots indicate where a 1898 earthquake.

On this map you can see the location of earthquakes, a magnitude 4.0 points and above, where each of the events occurred is marked bright dot on a dark background, and the higher the magnitude, the brighter is the mark. It is easy to see that most of the bright spots on this map where the boundaries of tectonic plates.

Card creator, John Nelson (John Nelson), the company IDV Solutions, which is engaged in data visualization, said that the project carried with it a few surprises. In the first place, he was struck by the number of earthquakes that have been recorded, and the data on them are preserved in the archives. A total of 203,186 map shows earthquakes from 1898 to 2003, although, of course, it's not all earthquakes.

A quick glance at the map is enough to understand that earthquakes are almost all over the world. In subduction zones, where tectonic plates are superimposed on each other, and one has to go under the other, we have the most powerful earthquake on the planet. These places are marked most clearly on the map.

Source: the-day-x.ru

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