Where are the new drugs?

Methamphetamine laboratories

Quite often in the news, we learn that "in the underground laboratory of the University of the H-synthesized a new drug." It is reported that these substances have never met the policemen are thousands of times stronger than heroin, and in general, are very dangerous, so soon all unfamiliar to them drug addicts die of overdoses …

Laboratory work

Separate (naive) applicants chemical universities think that after a few years of study will be able to organize a small factory for the production of drugs. In order not to fall under the criminal liability, they will create new substance, which lists and Psychotropic Substance is not listed, buteffect giving not less than all of already existing "nonsense."

"Invention" of such drugs usually like creating new drugs. Knowing the chemical structure of the molecules of a certain drug, it "sew" a couple of atoms, and then look at the effect. The rich pharmaceutical companies for this purpose, of course, there are entire "hordes" of scientists and experimental "rabbits". But the young chemists, it is not sad, the whole effect have to try for yourself or friends volunteers. And, if they survive, and really get to the new drug "high" one can proceed to the next phase of this risky activities.

Next is frightening. One has to "take root" in the criminal world and sell the drugs to distributors trial batch of its new potions. Moreover, dealers should be convinced that "this shit" is no less popular drugs, and is thus less expensive.

That's about at this stage of the experiments and an end. "Huckster" are plainclothes police, and armed with the law "On Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances." And it is clearly indicated that the production and distribution of unique drugs, even if not mentioned in any list, shall be punished in the same way as sales of conventional drugs. And under the analogue means a substance which the chemical structure and the action is similar to the well-known drug. Both parts of this definition — just in our case, and did not leave the young chemistsonly his laboratory, but with you and our free society.

Eskulapova crap

The law on drugs, yet there is a loophole, butonly in theory. Use it in practice who has not tried, but really it could, perhaps, only physicians. And that's not out of malice.

The fact that the unknown substance is legal only when drug and chemical structure and physiological effect similar to the known drugs. And it possible that the structure is completely new, unstudied physiological mechanism, and the "high" is!

C such "side effects" of physicians experienced quite often. Perhaps the most famous example — amphetamine or amphetamine. For a while, these tablets were sold in the Soviet pharmacies without prescriptions — as a means to increase blood pressure. In the U.S., they were used as a pill to lose weight for a long time and had no idea about the side effects. In our country (although it is not known for sure), amphetamine has been popular among medical students, who use it to prepare for the exams. Just taking it too early to examiners often they are caught in a state of stupor …

It is clear that from such errors — when all of a sudden a new drug is a drug — no one is immune. Now, however, in order to start production of the drug, it is necessary to conduct a series of experiments on animals, and then clinical trials. And the likelihood that modern doctors "will introduce" a new drug, is very small.


The fact that the drugs can be made of anything available, sometimes even remembered his grandmother in the village waiting for retirement. And some of them, perhaps with the help of younger comrades begin to cook "potion". About how it is "efficient" or safe is anyone's guess — compounding production hidden in the closet for seven locks.

Sadly, the rumors that in addition to the traditional brew at "women Nura" to buy "stimulator of new sensations," do not go in a Russian village.

In the role of drug dealers sometimes try to make foreigners. The fact that in other climates can find plants, smoking or the use of which in the diet may cause narcotic intoxication. As an example, 'cat »(khat), which people from Africa trafficked into the United States, wrapped in banana leaves. Actually, however, a border is difficult to carry both plants and animals. And the supply of untested "cat" event is not less dangerous than the import of traditional drugs.

Come and take potluck with us

At the most desperate search for a new potion addressed directly addicts. They sometimes are adjacent and alcoholics, who for some reason can not find a bottle. Moreover, the invention is particularly common in the villages. Smoking is trying everything — from the milled into powder aspirin or dimedrola to tea leaves soaked in acetone. Drink and sniff — of dichlorvos to acetone and glue.

But the latest "invention" — biological drugs. For example, Indians sometimes cause euphoria and hallucinations bites of scorpions — all these feelings come immediately after the retreat pain. And in Perm came easier — hashish mixed with chicken droppings. And ended up in the hospital with a diagnosis of "acute intoxication".

New legal drugs

It's no secret that drugs are used not only illegally. They are often used for pain management in oncology, surgery and other medical fields. And, as in the "non-narcotic" pharmacology, is constantly developing new products of this type. Through years of research, these analgesics as compared to the same opium were much less and more drugs — analgesics. And, hopefully, soon in the box paramedic "emergency" addicts will do nothing to find …

Dmitry Larchenko

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