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26.07.11.Vot several years, many Russians have a slight feeling of anxiety when, including the night light in the kitchen, do not see the corners of receding Prusak.

They're gone. It seems to be necessary to rejoice: finally disappeared hawkers infection. But doubt gnaws: something is wrong here. Insects may not have experienced themselves dinosaurs just disappear at the beginning of the twenty-first century — the time of warmth, comfort, sytom.

So today and become slip frightening thought: maybe cockroaches anticipating some impending disaster, and therefore leave home person like rats fleeing a sinking ship?

Versions of extinction — mass. And most of the alleged causes a danger not only insects, but also for humans: high frequency wireless communication, the use of hazardous materials for the construction, urban pollution, the appearance of genetically modified foods.

The disappearance of these insects alarmed environmentalists, so that they even offered to bring them in the Red Book.


— True, nearly three thousand species proposed to retain only three, but the most-the most numerous: black, forest and grassland — explains initiator amazing initiative — honored ecologist Russia, a senior fellow of the biological department Ilmen Reserve, Ph.D. and co-author Red-compilers of the book Alexander Logunov. — Although they are parasites, but each of the species — the carrier of the unique gene pool.
— Why red cockroach, which in recent years has become almost a member of each family, does not come under your protection?

— Honestly — natural modesty and dislike of people to cockroaches did not allow me to say that they, too, would have time to be included in the Red Book — admitted biologist. — But rather a statement with this proposal.

According to Logunov, many millions of black and red cockroaches really sharply. Biologists this phenomenon surprised. After all, black beetle — veteran, he has appeared in Russia as much during the Tatar-Mongol invasion, along with the nomads. His native land — the country Minor and Central Asia. A red have settled after the Russian-Prussian War mid XVIII century. Russian soldiers returning from Germany, brought them in their knapsacks. Therefore, nicknamed the cockroaches.

According to the ecologist, black beetle began to disappear from the 1960's. This was due in part to the emergence of strong poisons at that time, but the main role in combating it played his brother — Prusak.

— The fact that the female black cockroach does not carry with them constantly ootheca — a special capsule with eggs — Alexander Vasilyevich. — After she formed them, a 34-day lay in a secluded place — under the sofa bed in the gap. A female red cockroach its ootheca is at the end of the abdomen up to the hatch. And, of course, in the room where the two lived species, red cockroaches, finding ootheca and eggs of their neighbors, by all means eat them. So "Tatar-Mongol" cockroach lost the war "Prussian." And the last was actively proliferate. Particularly at ease he felt came after Khrushchev. They were created convenient to the free movement of insects ventilation and wiring — for them they moved from one apartment to another.

But in the early 2000s, and they were gone.


— Of course, the disappearance of such enduring creatures caught us by surprise — recognized Logunov. — It is part of the cockroach drevnekrylyh insects. And judging by the fossil record, paleontologists have found in sediments of the Paleozoic age, hundreds of millions of years, they have not changed. This fact proves that cockroaches are extremely resistant to many adverse factors. For example, they can withstand radiation levels 30 times higher, which can carry people. And can survive even after a nuclear war. But the reasons for their disappearance address today no one — Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance Service have been significantly reduced in the regions, and in the center.

— What do you think about their extinction?

— My version: cockroaches poisoned with pesticides, which came at the end of the 1990s in China. For example, the known special crayons, which outlined the baseboards. From which they were composed — is unknown. These poisons shaft cut down from the PRC, and the instructions in Chinese nobody read. Now they are on sale there, so I do not know the composition of the poison.

However, reveal the secret of the deadly drug to help me, Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Head of Laboratory Genetic Bases of Biodiversity Institute of General Genetics. Vavilov RAS Dmitry Fly.

— It is possible that the Chinese already able to apply highly efficient next-generation chemistry, which is now used all over the world, — says Dmitry. — I'll tell you how the new venom is fundamentally different from what was used before. Previously, the entire chemistry do-cockroach eats the poison and dies, or touch and dies. A new chemistry gradually kills the insect. Cockroach eats a poisonous substance and live 10 — 15 days, but the poison does not lose its properties during its passage through the intestines, stomach and digestive tract, and remains in the feces. When the seed appears, it first of all eating poisoned feces and their parents die. So one poisonous cockroach poisons nest.

Bane was today named "indoxacarb." It blocks the insect's nerve fibers, after which it stops eating, he disturbed coordination, paralysis and then death.

But Professor Mucha has no doubt that this poison cockroaches can soon get used to, in about five years.

— When they become resistant to the chemicals, then will the second wave of cockroaches, so now is the time to invent new means to combat them, — said Dmitry. — Now my lab is just that and does.

After a chemical attack on Prusakov scientists are preparing for a more serious — biological warfare. It will be based on the use of the virus.

— We have deciphered the genome of red cockroaches — says Professor fly — and it turned out that there is a virus, created by nature over millions of years, which can only kill cockroaches, but is not dangerous for anyone else — neither man nor plant, nor for animals. This virus as a special bait is ingested cockroach introduced into cells to the intestinal tract, but to kill him in ten days — during which time he perezarazhaet bunch of their relatives.

This war, according to the professor, we have cockroaches win a long time if not forever.




Director of the Center for Electromagnetic Safety, Deputy Chairman of Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, Ph.D. Oleg Grigoriev:

— The answer to the question, Did the electromagnetic radiation on cellular disappearance cockroaches, today will not give anybody, because there is no scientific analysis. Now we see two parallel phenomena. One — the increase in the radio-frequency background from 2000, when there was a lot of mobile base stations and mobile phones themselves. And the second — the disappearance of cockroaches. But the die was not only cockroaches but also bees. However, these beneficial insects, scientists engaged in the United States and Israel. And found that bees react to electromagnetic fields of radio frequency. Prusak, no one does.


Prusak mutates

Researcher at the Department of Entomology, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University. University PhD Vladimir Karz:

— In fact, they are not completely gone. The zoo live happily red cockroaches. True, they're almost all ugly — they have all the wings crumpled. It is not clear why — because the zoo were poisoned.

— Maybe they were poisoned by genetically modified food?

— This is another myth. Sure would be nice to know the long-term effects of GMO products. But manufacturers as quickly threw them on the market, without any testing and research, that today no one can say whether they are dangerous to humans and cockroaches. But beetles are unlikely to poison them because they have a very varied diet.



Department Head station number 4 of the Moscow city center disinfection Lyudmila MISHCHENKO:

— Number sanobrabotok decreased markedly since the beginning of 2000, but the cockroaches are not lost. They thrive where dirty with a lot of debris — in some offices, hospitals, hostels, porches. A guest workers in trailers in bunches sometimes they even hang.

When number was imposed

The center of Moscow was attacked cockroaches

Swarms of insects suddenly appeared in the Little Georgia Street. Under cover of night, they penetrate not only in apartments and garages, and expensive restaurants and shops. Maybe this is the first trial before the attack and predicts future scientists invasion?

One of the possible reasons for their occurrence could be bad sanitation. The specialists of the city center disinfection immediately started to liquidate.


Svetlana KUZINA


Source: KP.RU

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