White river fish die because of drunken molasses


White river fish die because of "drunken" molasses. Photo by M. H

17.04.11.Pochti 100 tons of dead fish floating in the river after the order phenh sugar factory "to drink" molasses.

By the end of the afternoon of 16/4, according to government statistics Dinh Quan District, Dong Nai, leak secret of La Nga Sugar Company in the province was about 100 tons of fish farmers in the Friends of La Nga river died.
Earlier in the evening 13/4, molasses tanks La Nga Sugar Corporation fell welds, syrup pouring La Nga river to river water pollution. This is the cause is determined to cause massive fish kills in recent years.

Corporation La Nga sugarcane, which is determined the cause of fish die-off situation.

Tran Van Nga — Director General of La Nga Sugar Corporation said, molasses and water reservoirs companies were completely overcome, no longer flows into the environment. The company is currently working with the inspection teams district continues to define the basis for compensation.

Sugar Corporation signed a letter of La Nga approved 100% of the compensation for the damage caused to people.

Dong Nai Provincial Police said officers were assigned to the scene to assess the environmental impact of the report related to the provincial chief of police treatment plans.

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According to the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications


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