Why did the fish in the lake New


New 23.06.11.Prishel Lake that used for the recycled water CHP with a fishing rod, I often do in catching bream and white bream. But this time the rod was not necessary, since the surface of the water found a lot of dead brush, of which scored a bucket as evidence. What happened to the lake? Why did the fish?

Vyacheslav Viktorovich The question we first asked the head of the department of ecology and nature Severodvinsk administration EV Mayorov, who explained that there was no natural disaster on Lake New is not fixed.
— And for the sake of mischief could not throw the water TNT blocks?
— Deleted. Most likely, the death occurred brushes from heat stroke, a discharge into the lake of hot water, the temperature of which did not make a fish.
Expressed the same version and the head of department of Severodvinsk fishing control KS KRIVOPOLENOV:
— Water and biological resources differently experiencing heat, the critical temperature for the fish plus 24 degrees. It is important to know in what part of the pit — in clear water or at a distance from the site and, accordingly, the cold — found dead brushes. In such situations, it would be better to bring the dead to catch fish supervision department, so we sent him to the FSI "Sevrybvod" for biological analysis.
Add that recommendation we passed VV Nikitin, and he brought his catch to the destination. A theme can be continued after the results of the study.

Source: Ceverny working

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