Why in the lakes Bashkiria killed the fish?


14.05.11.Nyneshney spring lakes Bashkiria has already registered five cases of sudden and massive fish kills. The first warning sign came in early April, with the lake in the Annunciation Achikul region of Bashkortostan. Local fishermen said they found a large number of dead carp. State supervisory organizations first tried to explain what happened naturally Zamora.

However, local residents and representatives of environmental organizations claim that the lake for a long time, there twang unknown chemical. And one of the fishermen, who helped pick out of the water samples of dead fish for analysis, said that after this clearly felt a burning sensation of the skin on the hands. Environmental organizations believe that the lake were hazardous industrial waste, which led to the poisoning of fish. The chairman of the Union of Bashkortostan environmentalists Alexander Veselov

Alexander Veselov: By all indications, I one hundred percent sure that this is the mass death of fish — carp fishing is due to the discharge of harmful substances in large quantities of chemicals. This has led to extremely high water pollution and consequently to death biotrii. And this fish several tons at least, there it count and weigh it can be a long time, but from the photos, the reportings there is clearly visible — at least a mile strip of fish, about meter and a half wide.

Arthur Asaph The Union of Ecologists suggest that the lake got Achikul industrial wastewater from the company "Ufaneftekhim", which is only two kilometers away from the pond. Preliminary analyzes of water samples have shown that the oil content in the lake overfished four times. Under the pressure of facts supervisors had to declare additional studies of water samples and samples of dead fish. That's what the chief of the national department Rosrybolovstva Shamil Ayupov.

Shamil Ayupov: At this point, along with the environmental prosecutor's office carried out additional checks again studied the composition of water, connect divers. It is possible that somewhere there were some graves in this lake. Take the bottom analyzes in this lake. Timers with whom I spoke said that in 70 years occurred on the lake is the same, the same the death of fish, the same thing — not determined, because of what happened. We certainly will not refer to the old data, fully investigate the sediment.

Arthur Asaph Yet another case of mass death of fish in the same month occurred on Lake Bath in October. According to the national department Rosrybolovstva dead carp, tench and pike. Supervisors again explained what had happened Zamora. However, the local fishermen with that strongly disagree. The chairman of the society of hunters and fishermen of October Frat Habib.

Frat Khabibov: Zamora was not there. Because there all winter anglers fished, drilled holes, then dissected walruses — bathed in winter. Zamora just could not be. The winter was not so cold. Last year the winter was much colder, and the ice thickness was higher than this year.

Arthur Asaph In early May of environmental organizations, it became known that cases of mass death of fish occurred in Karmaskaly Meleuzovsky and districts. On the eve of the Republican press reported that at Ufa Lake Kashkadan unexpectedly died pike and perch. As if there was some sort of chain reaction started. Bashkir environmentalists seriously concerned with the tendency of government to explain the course, all such cases Zamora. Indeed, according to long-term records, such phenomena are subject to 90 percent of the lake fishery in the country. But the fishing sector, and supervisory organizations, and local residents, of course, aware of this, and every year take steps to artificial lakes oxygen saturation — drilled holes, doing a hole in the ice, in some cases, are led to bodies of water aerators. For example, on the same lake Ufa Kashkadan such measures taken all this winter.
In Bashkir environmentalists have another explanation for such biokatastrof. Here is what President of the Republic of the Union of Ecologists Alexander Veselov:

Alexander Veselov: Across the country we are having the problem of the total contamination of fresh groundwater, drinking water quality as well. Near-surface water contaminated why? Because climbs to light the consequences of thousands of unauthorized and authorized pollution. We have about two hundred dumps only in departmental enterprises and enterprises of the territory is, that never had the waterproofing of fresh water from the groundwater. That's it will go on, because there are too many sources of anthropogenic impacts on these groundwaters. And now due to the changes in the hydrological regime of the area and hydrogeochemical composition of fresh water in dry years — now that's these surprises will vylazit everywhere.

Arthur Asaph So far, environmentalists, fishermen, as well as employees of the Bashkir environmental prosecutors are waiting than completed studies that are specialists of the republican Ministry of ecology and natural resources. Actually, in the subordination of the Ministry are three powerful, certified and well equipped laboratories — they are located in the Office of the State of analytical control, dioxin center and the Research Institute of safety. But since the first cases of fish kills month has passed, and the test results are still not.

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