Why kill the lake?


14.04.11.Ozero "Rossinka" in the streets of the 2nd Novoselovka may be on the brink of ecological disaster. It became extinct fish, frogs, crayfish …

On Monday our editors approached by residents of the street, who live near the lake. Local fishermen told them that all the fish had died this year, and suggested that the water could drain sewage. — Lake was our paradise — tell his wife. — This is a popular place for bathing residents and Novoselovka Musketeers.

In the heat of summer, local grannies long standing in the cool water. But a year ago on the beach instead of sand brought rubble and made access for fire trucks. Now firefighters are taking water, next to the gravel barefoot children run. And this year, and the fish went to pogibla.My Streletsky. Once in place were clear all scales tragedii.Povsyudu on the lake bed — dead fish, frogs and crayfish. Large fishes have already started to decompose. This can be seen from the shore.

Ice from the lake is not completely gone, I think, later, when the inhabitants of the dead emerge, the situation will become even approached us huzhe.K local fisherman. Vladimir T. said that he lived nearby for 20 years, but during that time never anything like this is not seen. He led us along the coastline and lamented that vacationers leave behind piles of garbage and throw it and the residents of nearby private domov.Na really depressing produce scattered around beer bottles, syringes, all kinds of paper, candy wrappers, plastic …

Nearby are the gardens, they are down to the shore, pulled the garbage and building stuff. Next — concrete pit, from which, according to Fisher, last year fetched some dead sobak.Tak why are killed all the fish? Is one to be collected? According to Vladimir Kalashnikov, the reason — in the leak of a sewer pipe. — Not far from the lake, along the railway line underground to the treatment plant pipe runs — said a local resident. — Maybe she let flow? Divers were told that on the side where the pipe can not dive, so dirty.

But once the lake was clean and warm, there were carried out chub, pike, bream … And the crabs live in bad water would not stali.Ya appealed to the deputy chairman of the environmental safety and environmental Kursk Boris Kraskovsky. Boris G. promised to look into the situation and suggested that the most likely cause in the frozen water.

In this lake a lot of rotting vegetation, and thus accumulated carbon dioxide. In winter, fish and other animals could simply choke. With regard to sanitation, the waste water is unlikely to have led to the death of animals. Another thing — industrial. But next to the lake there are no large companies … Guess the causes can be infinite. They will be known only after the experts take samples of the water body.

Chief territorial inspection Water Sergei Pavlov also suggested that fish could suffocate in the frozen lake in the winter. Especially, a similar case was already in one of the ponds Glushkovsky district. True, there is a fish surfaced to breathe a little air, and so it freezes into ice. And in Novoselovka all living creatures on the bottom left.
In the department of state control, supervision and protection of aquatic biological resources of the Kursk region reported that in the near future will be to study the situation on the lake. Necessary to make an examination, to calculate the damage. Experts have already begun to investigate the cause of the incident. In their version, it could be precipitation, falling into the water discharge of waste oxygen starvation, mass disease of fish.

It now remains to find out who is going to pay for that. As reported by the ichthyologist of the organization of fishing FSI "Tsentrrybvod" Lyudmila Zolotarev experts to form an opinion on the composition of water and fish. Previously, such measurements do regulators. But now the laboratory services are paid, so you need to look for means of examination in the lake!

According to the press service of Rospotrebnadzor the Kursk region, they can study the situation, but only if the pond is to authorized places for recreation, but this is unlikely, because the "Rossinke" not equipped beaches.

As explained by a senior state inspector of the department of state control, supervision and protection of aquatic biological resources of the Kursk region, Viktor Egelsky, experts in the near future to make the analysis of water.

Near the lake there is a banner: "Welcome to the Lake" Rossinka. " On the other side — "Non-profit institution" ROSS "I wish you health, love and gratitude." Information at the bottom, "Well" Russia "- the social and environmental advocacy organization" and a phone number. I called the number and spoke of the situation. At the other end of the phone told me that the director of agency will contact me about this. Well, I hope he will ever keep his promise.

"HI" will continue to follow the development of the story and will keep readers informed.


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