Wild bees stung five Brazilians


© Photo: Igor Podgorny

RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 12 — RIA Novosti, Alexander Krasnov. Wild bees attacked five residents of northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia, zakusav one of them to death, according to local media.

The incident occurred on the side of the highway of local importance. A group of workers engaged in repair of pavement and accidentally disturbed the bee's nest. As a result, they suffered multiple bites and were hospitalized, one of them later died.

Disturbed by wild bees in Brazil can be considered a grave threat not only to humans, but even for large animals. In 2007, at the racetrack, the Rio de Janeiro died from bee stings racehorse, which accidentally hit a tree, where there was a nest of insects. Animal has received over 600 bites, and the dose of bee venom has been fatal.

Source: RIA Novosti

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