Will Mars as close to Earth on August 27?

For years, the month of August the media publish the news that Mars will be as close as possible and urge everyone not to miss this "anomalous", reportedly phenomenon. This year, apart from publishing sites, the same news obbezhat planet for fast communications systems — ICQ, Skype, etc.

Message that came repeatedly under the rapid posts
"August 27 is waiting for all the world the planet Mars will be very bright in the night sky starting August. Naked eye, even the planet will be seen as a complete luna.27 August Mars will pass just 34.65 million miles from the earth! August 27 at 00.30 look this spectacle. This will look like two moons above the ground! next time Mars will be so close to the ground will only be in 2287. "
"August 27 Mars will pass just 34.65 thousand miles from land! 27 August 0030 look at the spectacle. This will look like two moons above the ground! Next time Mars will be so close to Earth will only be in 2287. Share this news with your friends because no one living on earth has seen anything like it "

Article "A record opposition of Mars"
Astronomy Astronomical Site good description of the phenomenon oppositions of Mars, including the great. The last "great opposition" of Mars was in 2003, the next will be in 2018. In December 2007, will be the usual opposition of Mars, where it will be closer to Earth than at other times of the year, ie get close to our planet, moving his ortbite.
But this does not mean that in December of this year we will be in the sky of Mars shine "as the full moon," as it is covered in some news.
Mars will be just a little closer and a little brighter in the sky. But as bright Jupiter, which is visible in the southern sky in the evening or Venus, which was seen in the spring and early summer in the west.
In addition, no value has the exact time (up to 1/2 hours) in the observations of Mars oppositions! When Mars is in opposition to the earth, it will be seen as clearly and in a week, and three weeks after that.
According to its apparent size on the sky, Mars is so small that its surface and the details on it can only be viewed through a telescope, binoculars or even a telescope you this will not help.
Where you can see Mars or other planets in the sky you can always learn in our Celestial almanac >>

The question remains: who and why it is necessary — to misinform millions of people like that?

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