Yanukovychs arrival in the center of Uzhgorod executed stray dogs

The incident took place this morning in the area Koryatovicha.

In particular, dozens of people witnessed mass death of dogs, probably from poisoning because the animals were writhing in terrible agony, sends ua-reporter.com.

According to a source in law enforcement, some young people handed out stray dogs and other meat products. In addition, the city center was seen car Audi Q7, which sat at the wheel of the ex-mayor of Uzhgorod Serhiy Ratushniak.

In particular, a number of young people handing out food to dogs, came up to the car and talked to him. Later, they also photographed the dying dog.

Remarkable to note that the mass poisoning of animals coincided with the arrival of the current President Viktor Yanukovych. Thus, the arrival of the head of state held in road repairs promptly removed and cut the thick tree branches, painted turnstiles and repaired street lights.

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