You eat GMOs? Find out what you will be. Video


June 8, 2012 in the news was a report that suggested the use of the Federal Service of GMOs in agriculture. Motivates this innovation, Gennady Onishchenko, the fact that GM is supposedly good for health! And despite the fact that all honest scientists from around the world scream that GMOs — bezplodiya causes, cancer, immune system damage, allergies and many other terrible diseases! But many scientists say directly that GMOs — a weapon of mass destruction!

The current situation in the country with GMOs so bad — shops littered with imported products that contain GMOs; feed used in the production of meat, often contain GMOs, GMO is in fast food, baby food, confectionery, baking, and many vaccines other … From the statement Rospotrebnadzor that situation with GMO in Russia will further deteriorate.

From this message Onishchenko, immediately made clear conclusion: the Russian authorities do not intend to promote the health of the citizens! The authorities have their own interests in this matter! So, your health should take care we do not trust in this matter to the authorities.

Posted on 29/06/2012 by user sad2011ru

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