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15.06.11.Vchera, June 14, at 18-15 for 5-6 minutes from the south to the north-east along the southern part of the village of Konstantinovka (Melitopol district, Zaporozhye region) wide tornado was about 30 meters. Told "ReporterUA" at the scene said Oleg Bandurin, Head of Melitopol city emergency department.

Earlier, the "ReporterUA," resulting in whole or in part of a tornado damaged the roof of a private house 61, 1.5, thousands of homes were left without electricity.

So, in the street Naumenko wind completely demolished roofs of two houses — there was only a skeleton. On the street. Kirov damaged roofs of 12 houses on the street. Partisan — 19, on the street. Soviet — 20, on the street. School — 5 on the street. October — 3. Fortunately, none of the villagers was not injured and was not injured.

One car crushed by a fallen tree high winds. Total swept tornado knocked into the roadway three wood that rescue officers cut and removed.

As the correspondent of "ReporterUA", in the village of Konstantinovka work to restore electricity went until 2 am and continued from 4 am today, June 15. At the scene of EMERCOM in Zaporizhzhya region were involved in three pieces of equipment and 20 personnel.

At the moment, no electricity in the village are 150 homes on three streets. According to working in the field of Electrical, now being replaced elektroopor pillars, and the light in the homes of local residents appear to 14-00.
Source: Details, ReporterUA

Melitopol district. Tornado went through Konstantinovka

Photo by Sergey Krylov and Love SEAGULLS

15.06.11.Vecherom June 14 Konstantinovka residents witnessed anomalous phenomena for our area — the village took a tornado. Combining elements destroyed, uprooted trees, brought down power pole, opened roofs of dozens of houses.

According to Constantine village head Leonid Belenky, suffered a farmstead on the street. Soviet, labor, Guerrilla, Kirov. Disaster epicenter was in the lane. Naumenko.

"We were on the terrace, drinking tea, — says Elena, the owner of the house was destroyed by Hurricane — Funnel moved straight to our house by the sea. The roof was completely removed from the house, front tilted and fell on the car, which stood in the yard. It we just bought, even insure no time. Combining all felled trailer car thrown into the garden, water tank pulled out of the ground, the fence collapsed. It lasted ten minutes, no more. If we had not gone to the terrace, I do not know — would not have died, or not. "

At the moment, in the village continue rehabilitation, calculated losses. According to L. Belenky incident would be classified as a natural disaster.

The night before June 14 villagers have begun to help Emergency Situations Ministry, gas leak, power and other services.
Author Love SEAGULL

Source: Melitopol Gazette

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