08.08.12.Indiya: Thousands of dead fish in the lake Nigen



08.08.12.Tysyachi fish died Nigen lake near the town of Srinagar, which apparently was due to a sudden change of weather conditions over the past 48 hours, official sources said yesterday.

Dead fish covered the surface of the lake, where there are luxury houseboats for tourists. Residents who live around the lake, they say that they have never seen this phenomenon before.

Press Secretary of the Department of Fisheries said the fish kill occurred, in all probability, due to the reduction of oxygen in the water and the sharp fluctuations in temperature in the lake. He assured that the ministry and related services shall take the necessary precautions to protect the remaining fish.

"In the summer, high temperatures and increased oxidation of nutrients and oxygen depletion in the water can cause this type of phenomena," — said in a ministry statement said.
Source: Fishretail.Ru


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