10.07.12.V India killed 700,000 birds


10.07.12. 700,000 birds died when a crowd of protesters shut down the power supply to the poultry farm near the town of Vizianagaram, leading to the shutdown of air conditioners and bird deaths from suffocation.

According to the newspaper «Gulf News», the crowd broke into the station «Radha Sakku Agrio Bio Pharma» and out of power. When employees tried to start the generator, the protesters attacked them and beat them. Officials said that the company has lost, according to preliminary estimates, about 210 million rupees.

Prolonged protests by local residents against pollution and the stench emanating from the vicinity of poultry Vizianagaram led to such tragic consequences for hundreds of thousands of birds. Hundreds of people from surrounding villages staged a sit-in protest demanding that the poultry company «Karlam» closed the business in their region, arguing that the stench and pollution negatively affect their health.

Poultry farm owned by «Radha Sakku Agro Bio Pharma».

Local police and officials tried to sort out the issue by talking to local leaders and officials of the company. The protesters demanded that tell them how to build such a large farm was allowed in the immediate vicinity of the villages, and what chemicals are used in the plant.

Protests was stopped only when the inspector of the local police station assured the people that on July 22 the company will give all the explanations. The company's representatives have assured the officials that they will also take the necessary measures to stop the spread of odor emanating from the premises poultry.

Source: Meatinfo

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