11.07.12.Gibel fish in the Kaliningrad region



11.07.12.Na reservoirs Kaliningrad region began the tradition, alas, Zamora ichthyofauna.

Days are now are such that at times could not breathe. And not only on land. The water temperature in the Curonian that in Kaliningrad Bay — above twenty degrees. This means that the oxygen in the water is less and less.

Also in hot weather begins abundant flowering notorious blue-green algae, which, in fact, finish the fish completely, "eating" the last vestiges of oxygen.
And no wonder that the shores of the bays is now full of dead fish. Then, consider the whole "range" — from ruffs to KGS. Say, on the Curonian Spit, near the villages of Fishermen and Marine prevail perch, burbot, pike, ruff.

Not the best situation in the Maritime Bay Kaliningrad Bay. But here, according to ichthyologists Rosrybolovstva Territorial Administration, the main contribution to the Zamor make urban sewage collector, who co-current fall in the bay. And if the cooler weather for the most part they are carried over into the sea, it is now almost instantly expanded in the Gulf.

Zamora is now and in small ponds. In the river flowing out of the lake at the motel "Baltika" and flows into Pregolya, visible on the surface of hundreds of dead perch. The pond near the village Kosmodem'yanskii povsplyvali pike, tench and roach. Yes, and in many other bodies of water situation, unfortunately, is no better.
By the way, the Zamor affect not only the weather and environmental conditions, but, as explained by the Head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries Fisheries terupravleniya Alexander Zhukov, the so-called natural postspawning waste. Approximately ten per cent of the fish are swept aside in May-June, caviar, always dies. And mostly large adult specimens. Their carcasses on the shore, the average person, and therefore it seems that the same mass pike hit any attack.

— While talking about significant damage to our natural factors fish fauna, it is too early — said Zhukov. — But old Zamor on reservoirs, apparently, only grows. After a seasonal peak fish kills to the period when the blue-green algae bloom is not as it is now, and begin to decompose …
Andrew Zabelkin

Source: Kaliningrad true

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