11.11.11. Great Maya Conference in Los Angeles

October 17, 2011 14:08

11/11/11 in Los Angeles will meet Elder and Mayan priests 13 elders of the Maya of Yucatan and Mexico.
They bring with them crystal skulls for the World Mysteries of the Crystal Skull.

The purpose of the Great conference to prepare people for "2012 prophecy", which many believe marks the end of the world. Their mission is to create positive momentum that will inspire humanity around the world to prepare for a global transformation in 2012

Mayan Elder explains that the Mayan calendar is not the end of end of the world, and the transition from the "World of the Fourth Sun" in the loop "of the Fifth Sun" The transition should begin at dawn on December 21, 2012. Maya believed that the fifth cycle of the sun will be the beginning of a new era and bring the cosmic energy flow to cleanse the earth and all who dwell in it, raising all to a higher spiritual level

Assembled anyone can participate from anywhere in the world, they have a rare opportunity to hear Maya, get advice, as well as an explanation mysteries of crystal skulls and allow visitors to experience these ancient powerful tools for yourself.

For more information on the conference and ticket sales, please contact Kendall Ray Morgan Oracle stone production at (520) 304-2558, kinsolar8@yahoo.com or visit www.crystalskullsevent.com


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