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It is argued that it is reasonable to fear that there is not any dates December 12 2012. A November 11 2011 year. It is not mysticism, and mystics. Just MasonsIlluminativery much like the number of 11. This is loveIlluminati among 11, which resembles the horns of Satan is mentioned in many books on Masonry.

For example, in Orlov "History intercourse of man with devil 'number 11  often referred to by the author. Actually if you dig the history of the 20th century, related to the number of coincidence 11 are frequent.

By the way, 11 in Numerology considered a sacred number, symbolizing a "duality in the use of force", which led most to the destruction and chaos. In other words 11 — number of chaos. The people running the numbers 11, have very strong psychic abilities. They are able to influence the world, change it. Those who view November 11 2011 year as , say that the number 11 — number instability sign of tyranny, a combination that has conflicts, domination and confrontation.

Well, the date November 11 2011  it does seem interesting, especially when you consider that this day will be Full — time of mysticism and Divination.

Let's look at the date of the last tragic specifically mention November 11:

  • November 11 1805 — Corps Mortier suffered a severe defeat at the battle of Kutuzov Dyurenshteynom, losing more than 6,000 people.
  • November 11 2000 — Fire at historic funicular safe, pride of Austria to the rise in the Alpine resort. Total killed 155 people.

Also on November 11 2011 year pripadaet religious memorials of martyrs:

  • November 11 285 — the memory of the martyrs of Claudius, Asterius, Neon and Feonilly.
  • November 11 1918 — the memory of the martyr Nicholas priest and with him Martyrs Cosmas, Victor, Nahum, Philip, John, Paul, Andrew, Paul, Basil, Alexis, John and martyr Agafya.
  • November 11 1930 — the memory of the martyr John Presbyter.
  • November 11 1937 — Memory Martyr Eugenia presbyter.
  • November 11 1937 — Memory Martyr Anastasia.
  • November 11 1941 — The memory of the martyr Leonid presbyter.

Thus, it is reasonable to expect an unpleasant surprise satanic 11/11/11 and this date is just terrible and the human factor.

Very much an interesting series of events built around it 11 of the month. Occur about the same event:

  • 11 June 1996 — in Moscow subway station "Tula", there was a terrorist attack. 4 dead, 12 hospitalized.
  • 11 March 2004 — the terrorist attack in Spain. At 8:39 am local time, four bombs exploded on a train on his way to the station Atocha. A few minutes later worked three explosive devices. The attack died 191 people.
  • 11 June 2010 — During the night the riots in Osh region of Kyrgyzstan 26 people were killed and about 150 wounded.
  • 11 December 2010 meeting against "etnoprestupnosti" devoted fan of the death of "Spartacus" in a fight with people from the Caucasus, has grown into major clashes with police and riot police on Manezh Square. The rally was attended by football fans and activists of nationalist groups. Just a protest attended by over 5,000 people. Later in Moscow periodically had attempts to arrange more such actions, but each time the police stop them.
  • 11 February 2011 year — the resignation of the government of Egypt, and then President Hosni Mubarak.
  • 11 March 2011 year — Japan magnitude earthquake, according to current estimates, between 9.0 and 9.1. Killed more than 13,000 people.
  • 11 April 2011 at about 19.30 in the central station of the Minsk metro station "Oktyabrskaya" huge explosion. The blast killed 12 people and more than 200 injured. Part of the station is destroyed.

Italian scientist Renuchcho Boscolo, long texts do Nostradamus said that the famous Frenchman back in the sixteenth century, predicted a bloody incident in New York. Here is a translation of one of his quatrains: "In the City of God will be a great thunder, Two brothers are torn apart by Chaos …" And the brothers have been known to call the collapsed World Trade Center towers. This event took place September 11 2001.

Esoteric, it was noted, and many other mystics concerning the tragedy September 11.

  • Title New York City consists of 11 letters.
  • Afghanistan is also the name of 11 letters.
  • In the word of The Pentagon — 11 letters.
  • The name of George W. Bush (George W. Bush), oddly enough, includes 11 letters.
  • In a phone code, Iraq (119) is the sum of digits 11 (1 +1 +9 =11 ).

You can, of course, to suggest that this is just a coincidence, or even just a misunderstanding. But here's another wonderful thing is, what happened to the numbers. Does not this already on some regularity? Judge for yourself.

  • New York is 11 -m U.S. state.
  • Flight number of the first plane that attacked the tower was 11.
  • The number of passengers flying flight 11, was 92 (9 +2 =11 ).
  • The number of passengers flying Flight 77 which also crashed, was 65 (6 +5 =11 ).
  • The tragedy occurred September 11, that is 11.09 (1 +1 +9 =11 ).
  • Date of tragedy 9.11 — as it is written in the American format — the same as the emergency services telephone number in the U.S. — 911, sum of the figures which also constitutes "11".
  • The total number of passengers killed September 11 is 254 (2 +5 +4 =11 ).
  • September 11 is the 254th day of the year (2 +5 +4 =11).
  • With September 11 until the end of the year is 111 days.
  • And most importantly — protaranennye twin towers resemble a giant number "11".

Stars and prophets can, of course, do not believe it. But it is clear that the terrorists in the timing of the attacks, including guided and loud forecasts famous prophets — in order to catch more mystical horror.

U.S. does not shielded consideration the date November 11 2011 specifically, the film has finished shooting 11/11/11, which will premiere in the eponymous day.

That day the film company "Luxor" produces a wide release horror film 11/11/11 from the director of the blockbuster "Saw 2,3,4 ', making it one of the hottest young directors in Hollywood.

The new work by Darren Bousman Lina 11/11/11 — It is not naturalistic bloody horror in the spirit of "Saw" and "Mother's Day". A atmospheric and chilling thriller that will keep the audience in suspense and terror to instill in him, than to shock his bloody "meat grinder."

Bousman said that it is especially suitable for the formulation of such a genre as a spectator and a big fan of horror films, has set itself the question — "What is he, as the viewer wants to see on the screen?", And in the second place, he — director.

Darren says: "The story is really scary! It is based on the phenomenon — millions of people around the world see figure 11/11/11. At first I did not like the idea to make a film about the number of 11. But then, when I was thoroughly studied concept film, I began to see the significance of the figure 11 in my life … So this is not just a movie about a number — for example, "The Number 23", but something much more terrible and terrifying … and figure 11 — This is just a starting point that leads us to the basic idea of the film — the day … and the fact that on this day  November 11 2011 years to happen … ".

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