12.04.12.Gibel fish in Bashkiria. Video


12.04.12. In Ufa, visitors to the park named after Aksakov witnessed as from melted ice float dead fry and adult grass carp. According to experts, the cause of death of fish in the artificial lake was called Zamora — a lack of oxygen.

He usually begins in late February — early March. At this time, almost all the dissolved oxygen in the water is absorbed and the limited supply of fresh oxygen with a thick layer of ice on the surface of the reservoir. Workers cut a hole in the ice in winter park, but, apparently, their actions were not enough. Eat the dead fish experts advise: its meat can be harmful to health.

Dead bodies of water are usually clean — that did not happen the other inhabitants of infection products of decomposition. That the situation will not be repeated in the future, hydrologists recommend installing special devices on the lakes — aerators. However, on the lake last year Kashkadan fish from Zamora did not save even a technical innovation.

Source: RIA Bashkiria

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