2011 in photos

1. March events in Japan. Earthquake measuring 9.0 points caused by a strong tsunami. Element almost destroyed one of the reactors in the Fukushima power plant. The victims were more than 158 thousand people.

2. Two guys in a ruined apartment, after the city of Port-au-Prince (Republic of Haiti), a powerful earthquake struck. January 2011. Killed 250,000 people.

3. City of Christchurch, New Zealand. At the end of February 2011 earthquake of magnitude of 6.3 points destroyed part of the cathedral.

4. The same earthquake slipped a huge rock, which struck the wall of a house. On February 22, 2011.

5. Japan, March 11. Tsunami covers the city of Natori. This is all that remains of the former life of the inhabitants of the city

6. Issued a tsunami house in the Pacific Ocean. He was noticed air force U.S. aircraft carrier that took part in the search operation.

7. And in a flooded rice field found little dolphin.

8. Senford, North Carolina, April 17. In the state of the most powerful tornado raged.

9. Texas Forest Service had to arrange artificial fire to protect McDonald Observatory from act.

10. Over the banks of the Mississippi spilled another river, Yazoo. This has led to a flood that struck the city of Vicksburg on May 18. In the photo — the dam zischaschet farm from novodneniya

11. Awakening volcano Puyeue from Chile, on June 5. Volcano awoke after more than twenty years of sleep

Source: globuslife.ru

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