2012: Under the Sign of the Black Dragon

December 3, 2011 21:50

2012: Under the Sign of the Black Dragon

Time of transformation and change

New Year we always take for a new phase of our lives. We look to the future with bright hope and wish them the indispensable performance. Maybe that's why the New Year holiday at all times and all peoples of the world are so popular divination, and forecasts. And the forecast is what all — political scientists, sociologists, economists, meteorologists, and of course, the astrologers.

 2012. Much has been said about him, many associate this period with the great changes and even talk about the end of the world. Pessimistic predictions of many, they also have scientists, and in the prophets, and famous mystics. The argument presented and the parade of planets, and the Mayan calendar and predictions of scientists, and the prophecies of the saints.
Parade of Planets in December two thousand and twelve really happen. But, first, it will not be something special — almost on the same line will only Jupiter, Saturn, Earth and Mars. This configuration is made up quite often — once every 12 years. The last parade of planets was in 2000, he brought us a change in government, the economy and affected the life circumstances of many people. But the end of the world does not, for that matter, and at other times when the planets line up in one line.
The essence of the parade of planets is that the planets in our solar system are on one side of the world. But not even in line, but at an angle of 60 degrees, they are spread apart. Together, the planet moves the center of gravity of the sun relative to the fixed center of mass of the solar system. But without any disastrous consequences.
December 21, 2012 did the ancient Mayan calendar ends. Many believe that this is how the Maya warn future generations about the coming end of the world … Long before Europeans Mayans predicted solar and lunar eclipses, use the concept of zero in mathematics. They were brilliant astronomers — the path of motion of Venus in its orbit calculated with an error of 14 seconds per year.
Why did the Mayan calendar ended? Because then it would not be? Mayans knew about the coming end of the world? Where did this "horror story"? I had the opportunity to interview the child Maya archaeologist, historian, researcher culture of their ancestors Helmut Wellman Chiron. He claims that the Mayan calendar did not end because it would be the end of the world, but because the Mayans gave a further payment to us, their descendants. It is impossible to calculate all at all times, something forward a generation, something different …. But, according to the Mayan calendar, the period of the Fifth Sun will end and humanity is change … The answer is simple, clear and logical enough. And humanity is probably better and really change. So, no parade of planets, or the Mayan calendar does not predict the end of the world of humanity.

What can really happen in 2012?

According to Eastern tradition, 2012 will be the time of the Black Water Dragon. The exact date of the beginning of the Year of the Dragon — January 23, 2012, because, according to the Eastern tradition, the New Year had read not 1 January, and the first new moon in the sign of Aquarius.
Dragon being powerful, mythical, wise and just, the ability to bring wealth, prosperity and longevity, but it should be remembered that all this must be earned labor, perseverance and good deeds. The years of the Dragon — it's years of transformation, change, however, is not always pleasant and desirable.
The first half of 2012 will be marked by an extremely tough position of the planets — notably the retrograde motion of Mars by hostile to him the sign of Virgo. By March, will develop the exact opposition of Mars and Neptune, planets, having the opposite effect of energy. All this will lead to a further strengthening of the negative situations that have taken place in 2011.
The peak of the economic crisis will have on the 2012, and will affect the U.S. first, and then the other. The U.S. is in the middle of a great depression. There is no astrological reason to believe that the economic situation there improves. Some stability there is today no more than an illusion. And this illusion will dissipate in 2012-2015.
In Central Asia, actually strengthening of Islamic fundamentalism. The economic situation of the population in the region will also rapidly deteriorate.
In Europe, will also begin a new wave of economic crisis. Perhaps that is why there will increase the influence of Russia.
In Ukraine will resume fermentation associated with falling living standards, and discontent with Yanukovych. Ukraine's economy will suffer greatly, and amid all of this will start to grow in popularity of Yulia Tymoshenko. This trend is particularly clear in the second half will be the year when the legal decisions on the subject of one way or another will be reviewed.
On the other hand, areas with a predominance of the Russian population will demand that the government work more closely with Russia.
In Russia will be very difficult campaign. Possible contingencies, major confrontation of opinions. It is quite possible that the Internet and other media will be negative information discrediting the main contender for the post of President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This information will come to Russia from the West, the U.S. and actively disseminated, that should be considered critically minded Russians. Reason for this is that Russia will increasingly influence the affairs of Europe and the European Union will not be possible to resist this influence.
Confrontation Mars — Neptune can bring disaster, where the main character will be bodies of water — oceans, seas, major rivers. Flooding, manmade disasters related to water, such as it was in the Gulf of Mexico. Such is the influence of the affected Neptune.

Positive aspects

In the second half of the first violin in the sky will be playing the negative aspects of Uranus and Pluto. Rigid vibration of these planets can be expressed in military conflicts, severe political confrontation. Possible earthquakes and man-made disasters. They may be caused by the influence of solar activity, which in 2012-2013 will reach its peak.
Stabilize the situation somewhat positive aspects of Jupiter and Saturn, that is, after the turbulent period yet we will have some respite.
For all astrological readings Earth will go through an extremely difficult period.
But each has his own destiny, and everyone will live this year on its own.
So, born in Year of the Rat will face difficulties at work, and in finance. But good will prevail in the case of those who want to learn.
In romantic relationships are all well. Possibility of marriage, the emergence of a new partner or a better relationship with the old passion.
Bulls will have good luck. In — progress and career took off. In love, everything is stable, but not much more.
Tigers could pose danger. At work, squabbles and intrigues may layoff, finding a new job. Stars are also advised to be attentive to their health and be careful driving.
Cats get into trouble at work. You may have problems with superiors, colleagues and subordinates. Not oppose themselves to the outside, then the problems will be less. Personal life is complicated, and if your relationship and so hung in the balance, this hair may break off.
Dragon for his year may be trudnouspeshnym. Your job will require a lot of attention, a great responsibility, a great nervous tension. For personal life is more successful second half of the year, when the actual appearance of a new affection. And in its first half will have to part with some of your friends with the same passion or with a partner for marriage.
Born in the year of the Snake in 2012 will be busy chores of home and family, where mature unexpected problems. All Quiet on the job, the money will be received on a regular basis, perhaps inheritance.
We were born in the Year of the Horse in front of a great year! Everything will crumble them in abundance. Subject to a successful job changes, awards and honors. In 2012, the real, and a lot of love and marriage.
Born in the year of Sheep do not have to go through the best of times. In the second half of the year is possible to change the work or occupation.
In love, it is likely break old ties and failure of new acquaintances.
Monkeys are lucky! Difficulties remain in the past, and the day-to-day life will become easier and more stable. At work — new interesting proposals in love — understanding and new opportunities.
Those born under the sign of the Rooster Year of the Dragon will be happy. Subject to a successful job changes and new opportunities in love. True, the old links go, but as they say, that gone is gone!
We were born under the sign of Dog Year of the Dragon will not be easy. Possible loss of money, expenses, problems at work. The family may quarrel, and in the most complex cases it will end in divorce. Be careful in business and do not let the enemies of reason to gossip and intrigue!
Pig in the Year of the Dragon will have to adapt to differing circumstances. But the ups and downs at work is not expected — everything will remain the same. Personal life is also stable, but no more.

How could meet the formidable Dragon?

New Year's Eve Be sure to wear a new dress — it can be quite unusual and even carnival. Dragon colors — black, blue. Would be appropriate bright large jewelry, crystals and sequins. Make a new hairstyle, it must necessarily be elegant, decorated with flowers and sparkling pins. Should be bright and makeup. Men are recommended classic dark suit, a shirt can be bright. If you do not fit, wear bright, new tie.
New Year's table should be ample. This time on the table may be all — any meat and any fish. And, of course, fresh fruits and vegetables. And if some of those who met with you a holiday, will be born in the Year of the Dragon, then plant it in the place of honor, and to provide all possible respect.
Be sure to donate close whelps and put it on the most prominent. Dragon symbol is able to bring to the house of happiness, wealth, happiness and good fortune.

Happy New Year and Happy New Year!

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