2012 was the hottest in the history of North Eastern U.S.

New data published by the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell, show that the average temperature in the north-eastern United States for the period from January to July was the highest since 1895 and was +9,9 ° C. It is expected that the annual average temperature will also be a record.

Last 12 months (July 31, 2012) became the warmest for 117 years of observations in the northeast, the average temperature is +12,6 ° C was only 0.1 degrees less than the record of 1932.
New temperature highs in July were recorded in many of the regional weather stations, the thermometer climbed to around +38 ° C. Sensors at the National Airport. Reagan (Washington, DC) recorded temperature of 40.5 degrees on July 7, breaking the record of two years ago to 1.5 degrees. In Baltimore fell a record maximum temperature recorded in 1887.
Other notable figures published by meteorologists:
July 2012 was the seventh of the hottest months in 1895 in the north-eastern United States. The average temperature was +22,7 ° C, which is 1.6 degrees above normal.
In each of the 12 States, the average temperature was above normal, the excess was 0.6 degrees in Rhode Island to 2.2 degrees in Delaware.
Rainfall in July in the north-east (94 mm) at 87% of normal. Since the beginning of the year fell 88% rainfall from normal.
Three states rainfall exceeded the norm, particularly in Pennsylvania (107%), Rhode Island (116%) and West Virginia (125%).
July was the second driest month of the state of Delaware, and the fifth in Maryland since 1895.

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Source: ecowars.tv.

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