21.03.12.Mor fish in Gagauzia: there were 30 tons. Video


Gagauz rescuers killed more than 300 tons of dead fish on the lakes


29.03.12. Starting from March 20, to the control duty in the management of emergency situations Gagauz were several reports of a mass of fish in the sea waters of autonomy.

These messages came from the village of Tomai, Congaz, Kirsova and Kotovsky. In the PSP report that after receiving the signal in place immediately left brigade rescuers who recovered and buried the dead fish.

Helped in the rescue administration local community, members of the civil defense forces and the Carabineros.

During the work of the bodies of water in total were removed more than 300 tons of dead fish. In line with environmental standards, it was buried in a special cemetery.

In the management of emergency situations also noted the need to establish the exact cause of the plague of mass fish. To do this, the laboratory staff of the Ministry of Ecology collected samples of water in reservoirs and Tomaya Congaz.

Source: gagauzinfo.md

21.03.12.V lake, which is on the border villages of Tom and Gaydrary, killing an estimated 30 tons of fish. According to the tenant of the reservoir Stepan Gagauz already taken water samples to analyze and determine the causes plague.

The staff of the emergency quickly organized the work for the export of fish in a special cemetery.

Mayor of Tomai Fedor Topcu said that this is not the first case of the death of fish in the pond — a similar incident occurred two years ago. Similar cases were reported in lakes and villages Besalma Kongazskogo reservoir.

Chief physician of the Centre of Public Health Chadyr-Lunga district Ivan Hasta reported that the results of laboratory analysis of water from the lake will be known no earlier than March 26.

Source: gagauztv.md

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