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The new telescope will carry us to their "voice." Do you still not too late to give one of its antennas its name
Project SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), which this year celebrates 20 years lucky. He has a passionate admirer and patron — the billionaire Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft.

Everyone is going crazy in their own way

Allen so genuinely passionate about science fiction that does not believe alien civilizations something surreal and generously cover the technical needs of the institute. A few days ago, he translated the SETI 13,5 million to build a new radio telescope at Hat Creek Observatory near San Francisco. This is the second infusion of such large sums of money three years ago, and even persuaded to fork out his partner in crime (former head of the technical department of Microsoft Nathan Myhrvold), he invested in the project is 12 million. The telescope is now certainly be able to build as intended: 350 plates, each 6.1 meters in diameter.

Gather together and process the signals from different antennas will be a powerful computer system. Apparently, money does not wish to computer magnate, but really want to go down in history. Therefore, a new system of radio telescopes in California, which is scheduled to launch in 2010, will be named after its sponsor, is now a man and a telescope Paul Allen — Allen Telescope Array (ATA).

SETI Institute will sell naming rights to individual antennas. For something to be called by its name metal structure, each citizen will have to shell out an ambitious $ 50 thousand.

By the way, this is not the only space project, in which Paul Allen invests. Among his philanthropic interests include design and sponsorship of private suborbital flights, permission for which recently received the firm Scaled Composites Inc. It is not clear why the name of the first space tourist Dennis Tito, not Paul Allen.

On the eve of his 20th anniversary of SETI received another gift. The research part of the project acceptance by the Astrobiology Institute at NASA Ames Research Center. Moreover, the status of reinforced monetary subsidy and five years of searching for extraterrestrial intelligence have identified five million dollars. The reunion was held overly welcome.

— We are very happy "to take them on board," — said the head of the Institute of Astrobiology Rose Grimes.

Meanwhile, the history of relations SETI and NASA is not cloudless. In the late 50's (after the publication of the journal Nature a series of articles about the prospect of searching for extraterrestrial intelligence), the U.S. government has actively invested money in ufology. And when the 80th Company "The feigned" in the fruitless search for fellow human beings, the U.S. space agency has made the view that astrobiology — is child's play. It was during these hard times and was formed Institute SETI. Incidentally, more than 10 years ago, he was part of the Astrobiology Institute, but in 1993, at the request of the U.S. Congress funding from the space agency has been completely phased out and employees SETI denounced as crazy UFO.

The current tendency NASA to gather under his wing heterogeneous projects, one way or another connected with the cosmos, is no accident. It is defensive in nature, and have to defend themselves from the European Space Agency and the Russian Federal Space Agency (ESA and Roscosmos), which are increasingly co-operate, including in terms of finding extraterrestrial life. In the summer of 2003 were announced two joint projects Darwin and Terrestrial Planet Finder, whose main task — to find chemical traces of life on exoplanets. And at the end of April 2004 ESA head Jean-Jacques Dordain announced as much to merge the two space agencies! It does not go on the mechanical merger as Russian space capabilities exceed the capabilities of all of Europe combined.

— But we are discussing the issue. Life dictates the need for a joint strategy for the development of space activities — Dordain said after a meeting with the head of Roscosmos Anatoly Perminov.

Direct and Feedback

Once again, to get a "roof" as NASA, still prestigious, but obligations that were immediately hinged on SETI, are for him yesterday. For example, long-term plans needed to detect signs of life on the moons of Jupiter, as well as a roster of stars, presumably able to have inhabited the planet. This is what the last three years doing all the participants of the SETI project, and identified 150 such bodies. From these were obtained most powerful signals or more audio signals the intensity and frequency. In addition, included in the list of stars that have planets. The data obtained are studying the major participants in the program at University of California at Berkeley and volunteers in the project SETI @ Home.

17 May this unique online project is 5 years old — another anniversary SETI. It brings together for about 4.5 million ordinary mortals who want to help scientists in the search for extraterrestrial life. Today it is the largest distributed computing network in the world. In order to participate in SETI @ Home, only need to download a special program that receives data from a central server at Berkeley, and he in turn — the signals from the radio telescope at Arecibo (Puerto Rico). Periodically, the program sends the results via the Internet to a central server and receives a new batch job.

In Russia, namely the Institute of Radio Electronics of RAS smart enough to antipode SETI @ Home, that is up to the program of human messages into space via the Internet, and called it METI @ Home (Messages to ETIs from Home). The most striking event in the life of the program was the children's collective radio message to extraterrestrial civilizations. Fifteen hundred children from different parts of Russia and the CIS sent a letter text, graphics, images and vocabulary of music from the Evpatoria RT-70 radar.

Using a radio telescope can not only search for fellow human beings, but to send them letters, pictures and music

Why is silent space?
This rhetorical question many give a gloomy answer: because we alone in the universe. Many, but certainly not ufologists. For those ready for a long time, but not one, but four of jewelry sharpened explanation.

First, they say, it is very likely that the universe is not one. There are many, perhaps dozens, hundreds, thousands. And what happens in each of them has its own system of measurement. In this situation the dock with brothers in mind is almost impossible.

Second, and this is the most simple and clear explanation — they represent a slightly different biological systems, and for them, life does not mean the earth's canonical "form of the existence of the protein molecules."

Third, the alien civilization, most likely, or over our millions of years old, or younger. In this case an agreement is also very difficult, because the aliens easily send signals using any substances that are not yet known to us. We do not vouch for the accuracy of the interpretation of various cosmic phenomena. For example, for more than thirty years, astronomers observe sverhenergetichnye bursts of gamma rays from distant galaxies. Theoretical physicists have brought under this phenomenon are many theories, and searchers of extraterrestrial civilizations are confident that this is the echoes of distant star wars.

The fourth theory is most raises questions about the fate and future of our planet and us — its inhabitants. What if, say ufologists, having reached a certain level of development, civilization self-destruct? This is not a gloomy utopia, if we remember that an important opportunity to have an effect, ie radio, appeared in humanity at the same time with the ability to self-destruction.

Scientists and laymen, astronomers and astrologers, experts and ordinary mortals cooperate in the search for fellow human beings, create institutions, sophisticated computer programs, improved tracking system for space. Most likely, if siblings civilization is detected, resulting in adverse research accidentally when it will be less expected.

Anastasia Askochensky


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