50-degree frosts extend their range to the north-east of Russia

In the Far East, Russia still frosty weather, and the temperature in many areas even lower than normal. Colder than usual, at 2-5 °, in the south of Khabarovsk Territory and the Primorye Territory. A significant negative temperature anomaly observed in the north-east — in the Kolyma and Chukotka its values reach 9-15 °, and the temperature at night drops to -47 … -52 °!

Severe frosts to -45 ° is observed in the north of Kamchatka.

Specialists Kamchatka meteorologist expect 6-8 January night frosts in Penzhina area (it borders the Magadan region and Chukotka Autonomous District) will grow up to -45 … -50 °.

On the coasts of the district too cold — colder than usual in these days of January. In this case because of the impact of cyclones, there is windy. Thus, 4 and 5 January night in Primorye wind increased to 24 m / s, in the Kuril Islands — up to 27 m / s, in Sakhalin has been heavy snow (up to 19 mm of rain), and the wind speed was 24 m / s in southern Kamchatka there was a strong storm with wind up to 38 m / s.

It is expected that on 6 January in the Kuril Islands will be heavy snow, followed by a snowstorm and wind up to 18-23 m / s, on the coast of Chukotka — the wind will increase to 22 m / s.

Source: meteoinfo.ru.

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