50-degree frosts extend their range to the north-east of Russia

The trajectory of the tropical cyclone "Thane"

Intense tropical cyclone was first raised in the north of the Indian Ocean on New Years Eve

Heavy rain and strong wind that brought the New Year's Eve tropical cyclone «Thane» in the south-east coast of India, have killed 42 people and destroying hundreds of homes.

Tropical cyclone hit Tamil Nadu late Friday night. According to Indian Meteorological reaching wind speeds of 120-140 km / h The hurricane destroyed houses and tore the transmission line. The greatest damage was reported in four areas of the state. Hardest hit Cuddalore, 120 km south of Chennai, the capital of the state. 20 000 people were evacuated in advance of the coastal zone in the camp, located in the hinterland.



Specialists of the National Weather Service in India (IMD) did a good forecast of motion and evolution of tropical cyclone «Thane», allowing the authorities to implement a number of preventive measures. With good accuracy were predicted by numerical models of wind speed and intensity of rainfall. Before this time, according to meteorologists, this intensity of these phenomena in late December on record was observed. According to the department of global analysis and weather forecast for the period, at least since 1970, the first tropical cyclone observed in the north of the Indian Ocean. (Http://meteoinfo.ru/tropicyclones).

Source: meteoinfo.ru.

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