60 dolphins stranded in New Zealand


MOSCOW, November 16 — RIA Novosti. More than sixty of pilot whales stranded and died in the South Island of New Zealand, said on Wednesday AFP, citing the Ministry of environmental protection of the country.

Tourists found the mammals on the beach Farevell Split, located in the northern part of New Zealand's South Island.

Most of the animals were found dead. Those whales pilot whales that are still signs of life, tried to save, pushing them into the water at high tide. However, shortly unfortunate sea giants were again on the beach. The rescuers had no choice but to euthanize 18 suffering on the shore of whales.

"This is a very sad story, and it's not the work that our team likes to do," — said the representative of the Ministry of John Mason (John Mason).

Pilot whale, or black dolphins — marine mammals of the order Cetacea. The body of the pilot whale, reaching a length of 8.5 meters, fully painted in black except for a white spot under his chin in the shape of an anchor. Pilot whale weight is about 800 pounds, but there are more than two-ton animal. Different types of pilot whales live in almost all over the world — both in the warm tropical seas and the coast of Northern Europe.

In New Zealand, whales and dolphins are often washed ashore. This is mainly in the summer months, when flocks of mammals migrate to Antarctic waters or returning from there past the coast of New Zealand. Generally, if one pilot whale washed ashore, then others try to help her and, as a result, share her fate.

In February 2011, on the shore of New Zealand Stewart Island emissions over a hundred pilot whales, they also discovered by tourists. Most of the animals at the time of detection was already dead, and those that were still alive, rescuers had to put to sleep because mammals to drag water was impossible.

Source: RIA Novosti

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