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15.06.11.Neprekraschayuschiesya rains have caused severe flooding and landslides in the central and southern provinces of China. The level of local rivers rose by more than 5 meters.

More than fifty thousand people have fled their homes in search of refuge. Element killed more than a hundred chelovek.Po forecasters predicted heavy rains in some areas last until the end of the week.

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12.06.11.Do 94 people has increased the death toll from heavy rains and floods in central China and the south of the country, 78 are missing. For the current week, torrential rains triggered landslides in 13 provinces of the country.

Such data led Sunday State headquarters of flood and drought. In the central provinces of Hubei and Hunan interrupted electricity, no telephone. In Hubei authorities have evacuated thousands of 127.5 after their homes were under water. Floods also hit the eastern province of Jiangxi Province and the south-western province of Guizhou.

Element caused great damage to residential buildings and farms. The rains have destroyed 465,000 hectares of crops and destroyed more than 27,000 homes and other buildings, according to ITAR-TASS.

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Hubei and Hunan are affected by flooding

13.06.11.Tsentralny and southern regions of China are at the mercy of water. According to the State headquarters of China flood and drought in 13 provinces affected by the heavy rains and floods, killing 95 people, another 78 remain missing. The situation is now in the provinces of Hubei and Hunan.

The nature of this year was merciless to the residents of the two neighboring provinces. Not having time to recover from the worst in the last seventy years of drought, Hubei and Hunan provinces fell under the new impact of elements. Inflicted on the province prolonged rains caused flooding. Many roads were washed out. In Hunan Province, six villages were completely cut off from the outside world. Three houses did not survive the impact of the water element and crashed, about two hundred flooded. Suffered nine thousand inhabitants, most of them had to be evacuated. In Hubei Province downpours triggered landslides. In one of the villages in the county Tunchen destroyed half the houses. Remaining homeless families found shelter with relatives and neighbors.

In the Yangtze River water level has increased dramatically. To prevent flooding in Hubei excess water is discharged into the lake Hunhu. During the drought that had prevailed since the beginning of the year, the lake dried up almost to the bottom. Now, thanks to the rains and the waters of the Yangtze River, the lake quickly filled. Six to ten days the pond once again be overflowing.

Forecasters predict a weakening in the coming days of precipitation, however, warn that the risk of flooding and landslides remains.

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