A breach in the Earth's magnetosphere can kill next year

NASA made a sensational and, at the same time very unpleasant statement. In the Earth's magnetosphere, which is a protective shield for the planet, was a large gap, which is very dangerous in a period of high solar activity. Scientists predict the next year and a half Earth can be hard for the last half century the magnetic storm, and the Space Goddard gap emerged in the magnetosphere will miss a lot of solar plasma into the atmosphere in a year and a half.The strange thing is that the activity of the sun began to rise and may peak at the appointed day of doomsday in December 2012. So if the worst predictions come true, then all life on Earth may not be good, because the consequences of solar storms can be compared only to that of a nuclear war or the fall of a huge asteroid.Compiled by a computer model, which showed that the strongest geomagnetic storm in 90 seconds can turn off the electricity on the planet, all the transformers burn out. There will be a man-made disaster, will stop all vehicles, industry, aircraft and satellites will fall, break off contact. UV light will kill the ozone layer, causing increase incidence of people with cancer.Electromagnetic pulses trigger a volcanic eruption and earthquakes. Hope is the fact that the magnetosphere is restored, and the optimists say that such disasters have experienced earth, and refer to the fact that humanity has experienced such "surprises" star. We just have to prepare for a technical failure, "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Source: http://worldru.ru

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