A criminal case against a clairvoyant




In the police department of the Perm region opened a criminal case against Elena Alexeyevna Boyko, a resident of Ukraine. Since June last year, she said, sounding like a fortune-teller Christ, offered to residents of Kama occult services — divination, the removal of damage, fortune-telling, etc.

According to police information department of the Perm region in the crook of divination, as a rule, predicted some bad luck. To avoid this, Boyko offers visitors to buy her special charms and amulets, which are required to pay for a fortune from five to twenty-five thousand. Thus, by means of deceit and abuse of trust, she helped a million rubles. Only the actions of "the Christ" suffered more than 80 people.

A criminal case under article 159 of the Russian Criminal Code — fraud. The investigation is ongoing.


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