A fire in a natural park near Odessa


The fire was burning a few meters from the gas pipe. Photo I. Roussev

14.02.11.Grandiozny fire occurred on February 13 in Nizhnednestrovskogo natural park. Burned dry reed. The situation is aggravated by the strong north-easterly wind, told the "Today" eyewitness PE — ecologist Ivan Rusev.

According to him, all as a result of fire (it had multiple lesions) affected about 5 hectares belonging to nature preserves! By comparison, about one fifth of Odessa. In the fire, according to the volunteers, killed many animals — mostly small rodents and shrews.

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"The fire started in the area of the first border post in the 46 km of Odessa, Izmail — says Rusev. — It's between 14 and 15 hours. After some time, the fire at the bridge over the Dniester near the village of Lighthouses. Here he began to flare up at the boat station, and in the immediate vicinity of the gas pipes leading to the cottages. Blazed around themselves wooden houses standing on the stocks of a very expensive yacht. By this time the car arrived in time emcheesovtsev, then another. Firefighters managed to keep the fire at the time, defended the housing estate. But after a while began again. " Ecologist with horror recalls the fire swept area of reeds National Park near Deep Turunchuk, and this — a few kilometers away from the boat station. "Dry and densely growing cane burning like gunpowder. Horizon along a section of highway Lighthouses Palanka sucked crimson glow. It was very scary — says Ivan Rusev. — But in the evening the wind dropped, and fires could first locate and then extinguish. Now we have to determine how much damage was caused to the park, trees and shrubs, as well as animals and birds. "

Marshes were burning and at night when emcheesovtsev not. Photo I. Roussev

In the regional department MES claim: scale incident was certainly impressive, but not the same as described by ecologist. According to rescuers, the area covered by the fire, did not exceed 90 hectares. Driving on the road is not stopped, the victims and survivors of people there, a gated development also spared the trouble. "Putting it difficult to wade through the fire to the epicenter of the marshes, but we accomplished it," — told us in the press service of the Ministry. Total elimination of fire took 3 hours. In the management of the park Nizhnednestrovskogo told us that after firefighters left the marshes burned a few times at night, so burnt area "significantly greater than 100 acres." "Talking about the nature of the damage inflicted is too early. I think that affected the habitat of animals, but the birds, on the contrary, it acquired — new space. As for the death of living creatures, the all-time work, and I have a lot of experience, I did not see — the animals escape from the fire, "- said the deputy director of the park, Nikolai Ryzhenko. According to him, the winter fires in wetlands — are not uncommon (though not as extensive). The fact that the reeds and reed summer wet and dry only in winter. In the MOE not undertake to sound even preliminary cause of the fire.

Could be arson

In certain sectors of the park — reserve set on fire. "Witnesses saw a strange car. From it came out and people were doing something in wetlands, "- said Nikolai Ryzhenko. According to him, usually flooded harness local residents to make room for pastures, clear spawning fish or facilitate harvesting of reeds: "Old burned, and in the spring the young shoots grow better." But it is possible and the option to poachers, who by fire kicked game over. Park workers already written statement in environmental prosecutor.


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