A landslide in northern Armenia is unique and is one of the most complicated in the world — MOE

YEREVAN, October 6 — News-Armenia. Unique emergency situation that has developed in the north of Armenia as a result of large-scale landslide, is considered one of the most complex in the world, said Thursday the deputy chief of the Rescue Service Emergency Situations Nikolay Grigoryan.

Sunday landslide mass 130 meters long and 60 meters high have gone on the road near the railway station Ayrum (near the Armenian-Georgian border). By landslides were 35 cars still considered missing five people, including two citizens of Georgia.

"For the last hundred years — the second such extreme case in Armenia. The first occurred in 2007 in the Khosrov reserve — then was blocked by a small section of the road, and this time a landslide blocked the interstate, "- said Grigoryan.

He reported that the situation today is extracted from the landslide 28 cars, the remaining seven will be removed before the end of the day.

"Beneath the earth has five cars, the drivers got out safe and sound booths, and claim that the cars are found in the area," — said Grigoryan.

He noted that a landslide affected nine people who have received the necessary medical care, and they are already out of the hospital

"Without missing still number five people", — he said, adding that representatives of all services involved in the rescue work, there is hope that all of the missing will be found and rescued.

Grigoryan noted that the emergency situation is unique for the fact that landslides continued, stressing that rescuers are working in quite difficult conditions.

"This is the reason that in the first hours and days of work were practically hand, without using heavy rescue equipment," — said the deputy head of the rescue services.

Every day in the rescue work involved 150 employees MS, numerous volunteers, 60 employees of the Defense Ministry, also in the rescue work constantly on duty about 150 police officers.

Then, in the presence of the media through Skype was a direct relationship with the Minister of Emergency Situations Armen Yeritsyan, which is in place measures to eliminate the consequences of the landslide.

Grigoryan reported to the Minister on the state of affairs.

In turn Yeritsyan said that work continues throughout the landslide length of about 300 meters and confirmed that the search and rescue operations have involved heavy machinery.

He reported finding missing attempted to establish contact with them via mobile phones, but to no avail, as the phone is out of range.

"We will be here as long as it takes to resolve all issues," — said the Minister.

Immediately after receiving the signal of the disaster by the Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran Sargsyan was established operations staff to help people who find themselves in the landslide area. Expert Group, which includes not only government representatives, but also experts of the National Academy of Sciences, to conduct geological research territory and to provide a definitive answer about what caused such a massive landslide and what are the consequences.

As a result of the landslide became impassable road Vanadzor Bagra (section of interstate highway linking Armenia and Georgia), in connection with what authorities are offering residents if necessary use the detour Vanadzor-Dilijan-Ijevan-Bagra.

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