A month in the UK have died from the virus thousand lambs


26.02.12.Iz-for Schmallenberg virus at 74 farms sheep gave birth to the dead and sick babies.

Thousands of livestock have suffered from the disease in the south and east. Because of the threat of a deadly virus is strictly prohibited farmers transporting livestock.

Who conducted the survey of farmers, veterinarians and other workers exposed to sick animals. There is a possibility that the virus can be dangerous for people.

The virus, which became a real tragedy for farmers, National Farmers' Union has called a "time bomb." According to them, on some farms lost up to 20% of cattle.

Schmallenberg virus is named after a farm in Germany, where it was first registered in the past year. It is believed that carrying the infection are the flies from the North Sea and English Channel. At the moment, the virus struck Schmallenberg Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Scientists are trying to develop a vaccine against the virus, for this they may take about 18 months.

Ian Pashayeva

Source: Life News Online

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