A new lava flow headed to the Royal Garden

September 22.
New lava flow moving down the eastern slope of Puu Oo crater and may pose a threat to the Royal Gardens, Hawaii. Lava began to move along the western side of the crater on Tuesday morning. Two lava lakes are active at Puu Oo, one of which is in the west, the other on the east side of the crater. Activity on the west side of the crater began around 2:00 am. Today at 2:25 am lava broke through the east of the lake. The lava flow emerging from the new crack hurried down the hill to the east. If the flow will continue to move forward, it is likely that it will reach the Royal Garden in the next few days, the researchers reported. Royal Garden was engulfed by lava several times. A handful of people still live there, although most of the area had moved. Lava was moving along the edge of the crater last week, but the movement has stopped at the weekend. Source: Star Advertiser

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