A new modification of the Israeli PP «Uzi» — «Uzi Pro»

IDF — the Israeli armed forces acquired the latest batch of guns — PP "Uzi Pro". After the vseobyatnyh combat and technical tests, the IDF could not determine, to adopt this gun-machine gun or not.

The latest modification of the Israeli PP «Uzi» - «Uzi Pro»

Uzi submachine gun — the beginning of design work in 1948. On this day, PP "Uzi" — frequent tool own class. At present, commercially produced more than 1500000 copies of the submachine gun and its modifications. Standard PP "Uzi" is giving way to a similar modern development tools from different manufacturers. The base standard PP «Uzi» — iron parts, and modern guns — machine guns have long been made of light metal alloys or plastics. How does a new specimen of the properties of PP reduced weight, comfortable wearing and Sports applications for the intended purpose.

The Israeli company «IMI», so as not to lose the leading position in the arms market in the sector in 2010 begins to create the latest modification of an experienced software "Uzi" — PP «Uzi Pro». For the first time with a new modification company briefed everyone at the end of 2003 at the Paris exhibition eighth guns «MILIPOL».

The latest modification of the Israeli PP «Uzi» - «Uzi Pro»

Design features of the modification of PP «Uzi Pro».

For the base of early modification is taken over modification submachine gun — PP «Uzi Micro».

Assembly diagram remained practically without changes. Shop with ammunition inserted into the handle to control the fire. Automatic working on the recoil energy of the free shutter speed also remained without changes. A compact submachine gun raid secured gate in the production shot on a huge part of the trunk.

Creating a shooting going on with a closed gate, both turns, and single shots. Rate of fire was low, about 700 rounds per minute. For the cocking handle was moved to the left side of the box of the trunk. A distinctive feature of the sub-machine gun — one of the component parts box trunk made a product with a handle. This piece is made of durable plastic. Places on the submachine guns made of durable plastic, which are subject to increased loads, reinforced by special iron inserts. Behind the submachine gun has an attached shoulder stop for light-alloy metal. In the portable version consists emphasis on the right, parallel to the trunk of the box, and when necessary can serve as an additional front handle.

Gun-gun uses for firing ammunition caliber 9×19 mm «Parabellum». The shop has a box-direct execution. Stores are compatible with other modifications PP "Uzi." The design of sub-machine gun can be used both right-handed and left-handed people.
Aiming to perform sub-machine gun equipped with a front sight and sight glass tumbler at 150 meters and 50 meters. Top box trunk has a modern rail, «Picatinny rail» which can be mounted accessories — for example, a night sight or telescopic sight, flashlight or laser pointer implementation.

More precise specifications manufacturer company does not report, explaining that the work on the modification is not yet fully finished.
The head of the company «IWI» sir W. Amit made a statement that in the wars of the future, in other words, in the wars of the urban plan of this instrument, which is a modern, massive and small-sized sub-machine gun, certainly will be the main armament of different parts of the paramilitary units.

The latest modification of the Israeli PP «Uzi» - «Uzi Pro»

Notable features:
— weight 2.32 kg;
— length with the butt of 53 centimeters;
— own length 28.2 cm.

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