A new view of the world or propaganda?

The new outlook or propaganda?
"Hope to add to our young … Despair "

Although some man at least once in their lives thinking about old age and personal summing up. Probably ran the idea in my head about how things will be respected for any actions and dignified life lived … But it's mostly a myth. Why? The answer lies in the modern attitude to old people, much less most of them carried on his own shoulders the burden of military life. At the moment, television and many organizations speak only for assistance to veterans, their concern about the environment, etc. etc. But what happens if you look at the other side polished to a high gloss screen being? To the utter chagrin of young people getting further from the standards of the past century, and therefore further from the truth vsesuschey. Those who are 12 years of age suggests that all fighters — it's the Nazis, and their fathers and grandfathers — traitors and perverts. Who has the same milk on the lips a little dried out, put forward a bold point of view, sometimes accompanied by misconduct (assault, robbery, murder). To justify it, rather turn up the answer in RuNet blogs or social networking pages. That's what usually occurs in the network on the topic:

"I can not tolerate these killers of old times. And let me much as they say that they only protect anyone — This is complete nonsense. When together with the Germans seized the country (first second of the world) — it does not protect anyone. And with what gusto they talk about wins and how many Germans they killed — hunt to puke … "

Bad attitude often associated with the ignorance of such regular school subjects as history. The fact is that as soon as stylish cram kids thought about the power of their personality or individual with the opportunity to express themselves, they are designed specifically to choose for themselves the way because the children rather knowledge derived from a very obscure Internet sources. And plenty plucking "intelligence" so called "shkolota" with the already brainwashed and completely misguided begins to pour out his anger on the electrical pages, as if the chain dogs barking at something to realize how annoying it did not sound, they can not. And half woes when it is limited to only violent messages, but there were times when certain words for "characters" are insufficient arguments and try to bring your feet, hands, and languid crippling objects. Incidentally, examples of an unlimited amount. Pretty easy to put into any search engine RuNet phrase "beating veterans" and gained a total shock would be able not only on the mental level, unbalanced people. Thousands of references have to say about the tremendous number of cases of abuse of older people. That will grow out of this decaying mass of savages, if not seriously interfere?

Most likely, the next shaved drunk with a swastika on his sleeve, "pushing" harsh speech about honor and justice, citing «Main Kampf» Adolf Hitler, but do not understand the true roots of their own — such severe "personality" with a foreign god in the soul of the old man does not respect the will, besides, betray their homeland for a penny.

"Let them go to hell! I'm sick of their pretentious create goodwill in the address of today's youth! These little old men and nag make me gag reflex wrinkled his rusty mugs and "fact protect the country from the Nazis." In general, "PEOPLE" to dissolve the strange information about the war, we always were in high esteem. But I'm still furious hyped these fucking old men and women, as well as the struggle they waged in primitive times … "

Always amaze people ready to crush any other awards to some magical way to elevate themselves. This message has been left as a young "talent" who believe that whole the world is something he has since birth. There is such a memory, as if the battle of the Order of our grandfathers is as icons on the bag embellished EMOkultury representative — who are more of them to the cards. This category of persons are referred to as informal groups. These "subjects", otherwise their name does not seek to revive anarchy, the casting call is not only the older generation, and by the for yourself. Maybe "nice" feel helpless creature in the world is constantly changing unsafe. Typical rod to be a stalker in dilapidated towns with only desire not to die from hunger or a stray bullet.

Scary to think about, but exactly the same anarchists very first fall under the "hand" in the event of the coming of the deep social crisis. No one gets in their defense, and some will have to teach the freedom-loving young people to behave appropriately, threatening to give everyone the trouble-makers stick to the head. And yet no one considered a demigod is not prohibited, but all the same, very negative for their own health.

Well, in the end the most exciting message:

"Once again TV pretentious rips templates! Shtirlitsa done in color! Just who needs it? Touched nasty heresy about the destruction of Dresden allies. Old man medals in the shit argued that the British were doing everything to hinder our passage to Berlin, blowing bridges. It is not enough that my grandfather put on airs that they are brave in his youth Matyuk painted signs with the title of the cities on the German language, to say the spirit of "You're lying, do not take." Only the first word of the device between the legs. Not hard to guess, in retaliation reddish fucked fritsevskih wives. Indisputable fact! Further carrying nonsense about the attempt on the lamb of God Comrade Stalin in Tehran. Later persecuted as our brave soldiers killed only the Nazis, but only German allies peaceful inhabitants. Then one sorrow for all of Europe was, but it turns out all the credit raked scoops and not quite appreciate until now. In the past year they obserat the French that they surrendered without a fight. Veterashki conceited! Listen to them, partly the same Nazis were or may have been. "

War is war, with all the consequences Zapyataev, but the minute you need to have at least an idea of who is the real Russian man and what were his moral values. Where rolls youth, is quite unclear, and whose standards they live, too, remains a majestic mystery. Read with certainty about what must know is unrealistic, and believe rumors — this is the first sign of the near cortex. Well, maybe if modern man to understand the power of the social machine of the Stalinist era? That there read, if the people in those days the locks on their own home is not hung, because trust for yourself and be honest to the community and God. And what now? At this point the crowd live like parrots in the cells of their own ambition and pride, equally degrading, infecting his own hatred of everything that casts a shadow, all the great views. It remains to hope that not all are on this shaky path of ignorance. There are a huge number of beautiful examples of what the young generation there is future with his conscience, for example, the creation of different volunteer teams in all Russian towns. These volunteers are trying to assist all
needy elderly in the most ordinary affairs (cleaning area, going to the store or pharmacy, etc.).

But let's not forget that there are no difficulties only the young generation. What are some scam officials with housing elderly. These fatty faces ready to do anything to put in his piggy bank a couple of thousand dollars of unnecessary and soon is even worse corrupt ideology, because, as you know, the man is learned by doing, not ideas.

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