A number of legends about the death of the USSR

The history of the Red Empire — the Soviet Union is full of different legends. Some of them — is lack of competitiveness of Russian Union. According to the views of supporters of this idea, we have built the socio-political and financial system was worse than pre-western, and therefore dropped. She lost in the competitive struggle with the Western capitalist model.

The main argument of the adherents of this myth — the death of the Soviet Union in 1991. Say, from the creation of the Russian Union, Russian models were ineradicable flaws that led to the collapse. This is one example of a so-called. posleznaniya, where the main role is played not by the real or invented shortcomings of the system, but the fact of the collapse of the system.

Although fairly say that the Russian model has gained up in a terrible war, Russian majestically over a very effective model for Hitler's Third Reich. A model of the Third Reich's hard to call uncompetitive. And not only was able to win a landslide victory, but recover in just one five-year period, and then to confront the "cold war" half the world, and a more developed part of it (in terms of science, technology, military affairs). In addition, the Soviet Union headed for sparkling success in the development gallakticheskih, military technology, made one of the best in the world (or even the best) education system. Besides Reddish Empire iskhitryalas pull a big "impact", providing substantial assistance to the countries of the socialist bloc, the "Third World."

Apparently, the proponents of this myth, by virtue of their Euro-Atlantic understanding of the world, believe that the competitive system is the only Anglo-Saxon capitalist model, which lies in the basis of the matrix of Western civilization. And, because, based on the example of Russian Union — all rivals and opponents of the Western world at the beginning doomed.

"All empires fall"

This is a very highly popular myth, according to him USSR was an empire, and therefore fell. But in reality, all the peoples, nations and majestic power (Empire) have similar development cycles: birth — growth — flowering — wilting and death.

Therefore, use this idea only to the USSR correctly. It's safe to say that at some point the world will see the collapse of the U.S., the latest empire of China. Also on the planet there are a number of peoples who are carriers of programs from "Empire" is one of those majestic nations — the Russian people. As long as it exists on the planet, will inevitably restore the latest majestic power in the vastness of its settlement.

And do not think that this is an exception, because only stable not only Russian programm, and Indian, Chinese — these civilizations in their own development have suffered more than one crash, but always recovered.

The myth of the "main reason"

Talking about the death of the Union of Russian, they say a lot about the "main reason", which ruined the country. Usually referred to as — "nekonkurentospobnost" of the USSR, Gorbachev and Yeltsin's betrayal, financial insolvency, crisis, subversive activities by the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies, the unit of the Union — from the state republics, etc.

But, in fact, any one "main" cause can not explain the destruction of the USSR. Russian Union of death was due to an all-inclusive impact on the structure of internal and external circumstances. Not a single "main reason" and the bound complex circumstances. In this complex, the gradual loss of ideological orientations, cosmopolitanization Russian culture, the expansion of Russian nomenclature, economic hardship, the subversive acts of foreign intelligence services, the draw of the "national card", etc.

"The USSR fell by itself"

The myth of "lack of competitiveness" in almost all similar to the thesis of a "complete lack of viability" of the USSR. Proponents of this myth say that once Russian alliance was "not viable", and then fell by itself, without external influence.

But if in 90 years, this statement has been made by many, the Russian intelligentsia prone to self-flagellation, then later brought a wealth of studies that have absolutely refute this assertion. If we consider the premise of death of the USSR in the complex, you can see that with the internal deficiencies neuvvyazkami, produced a massive outdoor exposure. From the mental pressure control, such as the operation of "Star Wars" (SDI) to the massive cultural impact, with movies, music, fashion, etc. The impact has been focused both on Soviet nomenklatura, and on society as a whole.

Of course, the Soviet Union has promoted die. The "natural end" of the USSR — it's another myth aimed at maligning our past, developing an inferiority complex, they say, these Russian even a "normal" country can not do it all goes wrong with them.

Gorbachev's USSR ruined komplot

This myth is focused on simplification of our history, it takes people away from other circumstances. After all, only the awareness of the complex circumstances of the deaths will help avoid similar mistakes in the future.

It is clear that Gorbachev and Co. have offenders guilty in the death of majestic power. Acted deliberately or whether they floated down the river to find a commission of inquiry. But to dwell on their activities and personalities do not need to build a more complete picture of this geopolitical catastrophe.

Death experience of the USSR is very important for us to get rid of a Russian mythology (like the idealization of Brezhnev era) as well as anti-Soviet. Understand why he died Russian Alliance. This lack of understanding is for the modern Russian Federation a danger, because those technologies that have been run-in the Soviet Union, are fully applicable to us. More precisely, they are already using — playing the "ethnic card" nurture national elite groups, blur the Russian culture "Hollywood" cosmopolitan culture, etc.

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