A powerful earthquake in Japan: tsunami threat declared

Along the eastern coast of the Japanese island of Honshu was a powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.8, according to the National Geological Survey of the United States. Hearth quake was at a relatively shallow depth — 26 km. The epicenter was located at 292 km from the city of Hachinohe. Japanese Meteorological Service announced a tsunami threat, which is expected on the coast of Iwate and Aomori. Information on casualties or damage were reported.It should be noted that another powerful earthquake in Japan just a few days after in the land of the rising sun were mourning ceremony, the anniversary of the tragedy of 11 March 2011. Then as a result of powerful aftershocks and subsequent tsunami killed or reported missing about 19 thousand people. Some settlements were razed to the ground, the largest city in the country were left without electricity, transport infrastructure has been destroyed.The consequence of the earthquake was the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1", where there was a leak of radiation. Several explosions destroyed part of the plant. The authorities were forced to evacuate people from the surrounding villages. Leave their homes had more than 16 million Japanese.According to the scientists, these earthquakes occur in Japan once in 600 years. The consequences of the disaster are not eliminated yet.

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