A secret underground buzz

February 12, 2012 6:53

One of them is the noise of the Earth, the planet emitted at low frequency

In different parts of the world people sometimes hear the roar, which seemed to be heard from the ground. Feeling as if somewhere in the depths of working arrangements or diesel generators. Moreover, this work is not the clock, and at intervals, as is the case where there is some production. Only it is hidden deep underground.

Subterranean noise in the anomalous zone

For the first time in our practice expedition on vague buzz out of the ground pointed Valery Moskalev, the man with the makings of a psychic, who came to the anomalous zone "Medveditskaya ridge" in the Volga region at the invitation of members of the "Kosmopoisk." We frequented every summer there to investigate a mysterious area. After a couple of nights in a tent camp Valery took me aside.

-Can you hear the buzz under the ground? he asked.

-Well, sort of heard, but this is probably the noise of cars on the highway …

-Yeah, twenty kilometers from the road? And the highway, it is not in Moscow and not in Saratov, and much more modest … No, the buzz comes from the earth, the second day I listen to it. He has different work periods and breaks.

And I began to listen. Indeed, sometimes there is no noise, although the daily movement of vehicles on the road he must have been present.

But quite clearly manifested buzz in the evening. By one o'clock, he fell silent. Difficult to determine the source of the sound: a slight hum filled the air, covering the camp to half a kilometer in diameter.

If this is not highway, then we have no choice but to tie strange buzzing with tunnels that are 90 years found Vadim Chernobrov, head of the Russian Union "Kosmopoisk." These underground facilities — the most mysterious in the anomalous zone. They are no one ever did! Is that in the Old Testament times, and the memory of the unknown builders left.

Tunnels are pulled through the whole area for miles at a depth of 8 to 30 meters and are direct gallery diameter of 7 to 22 meters. The construction is clearly artificial, like a subway! Tunnels have a branch, and, apparently, one of the long pass was just below our camp. Attempts to get there through the pits ended in failure: the dug wells are flooded with water. It feels like mysterious forces were not allowed searchers to the secret underground network.

If one follows the direction of the tunnels, they come from somewhere in the north to the Caucasus. But if the buzz was there, then, a kind of covert activity there is. Is this connected with the underground movement of a transport, or with obscure production or the generation of radiation such as radio waves to communicate with the cosmos or as homing to UFOs — are left to guess. However, while this is only a hypothesis: the secret underground buzz in the anomalous zone is not solved.

The buzz in geopathic FIELD

The problem of unknown hum again reminded of itself after the television movie, which outlined the Indian tribe in America, where the whole village polls suffer from a constant hum coming from nowhere and causing severe headaches. Sometimes with bleeding from the ears. Many residents of the reservation, with tears in his eyes asked to move them out of here.

-We in the city is also a place where was heard the constant drone either from the ground, or from the air — told his long sensations LD handles, a member of the group on the Volga abnormal phenomenon. — After that, in the Volga is geopathic zone became known only recently. They mapped the dowsing expert Sergei Savinov, and I, of course, not very pleasant to see the border of one of these bands is close to my house on the street Tchaikovsky. No matter whether often sick and died just 37 years old, my husband? ..

She said that 20 years ago, when they were very cold winters, the buzz on the street did not give her no rest day or night, and get up to the job site at the Institute "Energozhilindustrproekt" was and did curse. She thought that the source of the noise comes from the plant "Meteor", located nearby, and often lamented how irresponsible people are working there, not giving easy to live around the 7th quarter. What surprise Lyudmila Dmitrievna when she accidentally revealed in a conversation that he heard this roar it alone, there is no other worries.

-Then winter warmer, this unbearable in the winter hum stopped and gradually forgotten — she finished the story. — But the plot of the film recalled the strange hum.

"HUM Taos"

Annoying noise sources remain undetected, although the Internet is full of information about the "buzz" of the Earth. He even gave the name of "Taos hum" — the name of the very Indian village, where all the inhabitants are suffering from a strong buzz. According to them, like the roar of diesel engines idling. The whole misfortune is that it only hear the Indians themselves — guest researchers do not have fixed, only devices recorded some anomalies. The result is something like a collective pathology, when the noise is in the minds of the villagers, and not outside. Or all of them have an unusual sensitivity to vibration.

However, the village of Taos here is not alone. On Earth, there are many places where people are concerned about a strange humming sound. In the UK all 300 Woodland village population do not sleep every night because of the loud noise from midnight until four in the morning (this is "AN" already written. — Ed.). They were also heard in various U.S. locations, in the north of Europe, in New Zealand, Auckland and elsewhere in the world. Woodland residents even organized a duty to discover the culprit drone. And this is clearly not the noise in my head — the bass is dispensed in the air, sending vibrations to the walls of houses and furniture in the apartments.

While some versions of the world's hum. One of them is the noise of the Earth, the planet emitted at low frequency. The discovery was made by American geophysicists in 1997 and was confirmed among scientists of other countries. For unknown reasons, the sound intensity is sometimes amplified, and then it becomes audible. On the other hand, the buzz can resonate, grow underground cavities or species-specific layers of the Earth. Also very curious version of underground tunnels, allegedly crossing the Earth in different directions. Their multi-kilometer segments and fragments have been found in different parts of the world.

Anomalous zone "Medveditskaya ridge"

According to many scientists, the planet has a global system of underground utilities, located at a depth of a few tens of meters to several kilometers from the surface. Wrote about it in his books, Lobsang Rampa, other authors, and this is one of the most fascinating mysteries of our planet. After all, someone has created these underground utilities …

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